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Hot Shot For A Privateer

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On the 27th of February, 18 6 3, Captain Worden, the hero of the Monitor flsht, stroyed a dangorous Confedérate privateer in Ogeechee river. Theswift blockade runner Nasbvjlle, having been hemmed in by the Union fleet, was transformed into a privateer and lay in the river above Fort McAllister. The bed of the river was lined with torpedoes to prevent Union vessel3 running up to destroy the Nashville before she could get to soa, where, her owners hoped, she would prove another Alabama. Scouts reported that she had dropped down near the fort, awaiting a chance to slip out. Worden promptly steamed up in the Montauk to verify the report, and seeing the Nasbville agronnd above the fort went ahead in deflance of the torpedoes and tbe guns of the fort. When within 1,200 yards of the pr'vateer, he opened with shells and continued to bom bard uutil she burst into flaiues and blew up. Turning back, he ran the Montauk through a gantlet of fire, both shot and shell, fronj tho fort and batteries opposite. The iron sides of the Moniauk turned the balls like water, but in contact with infernal achines novessel is invulnerable. Near the mouth of the river she ran upon a submarino torpedo, which tore a chunk out of her huil, and she grounded, fortunately within range of companion vessels which had stood at safe distance to witness Worden's laiit exploit.


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