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A Champion Of Warsaw

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Feb. 19 and 20, 18U1, tho sccond generatiou of Polish patriota defeated tbeir oppressora at Grochow, the same f-ubnrb of Warsaw where "Koscinsko feil." The insurrectiou of 18.S0-1 was led by adberents of the old champion and the revolutionary army at Crochöw marshaled by one who had stood on the "rampartheights" with those "trnsty wurriors, few, butundisjiip.yed, " when Leagucd oppression nourd to northern wars Her vrhlsliered pai:Jours and her flerce hns30TS. This was Michael Radzivili, sciou of the oldest and mostuoble line of princes ïp the realm. Althoughhisfamilysided with the Eussian czar as agaiust the young euthusiasts of the second insurrection, Prinoe Radzivili took the fleld at tho head of 60,000 patriots, deposed the czar's brother and viceroy, the tyrant Constan tine, and drew np his battalious on the classic heights to defend the capital. The czar had sent the renowned Marshal Diebitsch with 120,000 Cossacks and hussars from the imperial camps to restore his brother to the throue. Radzivili defeated him at Grochow, with enormous loss. Believing tbat a settleinent was possible, the prince thert laid down his sword.


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