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MOTHERS We Offer You a Remedy Which ( t Insures Safety to Life of } i Mother and Child. l " Mothers' Friend " Robs Confinement of lts Pain c . Horror and Risk. ' f Af ter using óne bottle of "Mothers S Friend" I suffered but linie pain and did f ƒ not experienee that weakness artenvard f usual in such cases. - Mits. Annie Qagp' C Baxter Springs, Kan. $ tysent liy Mail pr Eipress. on receipt of erice C tl. per bottle. Book to Mothers mail? I J Ere. Sold by all Druggisti. 5 BRADFIElREGUUTORCO, Atlanta, Ga. WALL PAPER! WALL PAPER. OF ALL The Newest Designs. PRICES THE LOWEST AT OSCAR 0. SOUa THE DECOR ATOIÏ, 7O 31-IKJ ST. Fruit Trees! IJ' you intend to set out Peach, Pear, Apple or Fruit Trees of any kind, youwill save inonr-vny wrlting to iho MICHIGAN NURSERY có viONROE, MICH. Tlicy have the best anij hardiest var etics (or flus paitoC tlio country Small Fruits of All Kinds, md II lars?e assorliMiit of tliu best and hardieet (toses, Shrubiiery and Ornamental Trees and Plañís. THE ART AMATEUR Best and Largest Practical Art Magazine il'he only Art Periódica] awarded a. Medal at the Worid's Fair.)JgBJic ; - [iivaluahle tn nll icfto toigh fo make thcir living bu art or ti make tlieir luimes beautiful Cnp Iftr we wlll send to any one ■ a i ui lUb mentionms 'liis [fi tion a specimen copy, with superb J,W w ;olO" plates (forcopyiriK or lrauiinK) md 8 supplementary pases of designs (regular prioe 35c). Or I'OR 5c we wili send also 'I-iiiiitiiiU for Jleiimer.s" (O pageS' HONTACIE JUHKS, 23 U111011 Square, N. Y. Éa ELECTRSG TELEPHOHE [-X[Jj Sold ootrigtct, norent, no royalty. Adpted ' il, City, Villiiííe or Country. Ñeíiod ju ever) Pfg-jfci home, shoi), store and oöit-e. Greutestconi i óTl ieilce ant hest seller on eurtli. Til O' Asjobiís make front ï',5 iS." jM'i!:n 1 _ j One in a residence means u niletonJ! lï1 EI neifïbbors. Fine instruments, notoj-f , A. anywhere, nny distance. Complete, reiub 'o - ' f use when shipped. Can be pat r.p hy ; ny no, v never ont of ordpr, no refiafr!ilc, ;i lií time. Wtirrunted. A money mn' er. WritO 1 - it-sJ w. p. Harrison & Co . Clerk 10. ColamLus. 0 I - S 11 & Sf w ! Í w w l! ! I g S 1 11 9 ïi B I a a i 1 1 Biinr i mum BAKERT. GROGEBY AND FLOÜR AD FEED STORE, We keep consxantly on hand BREAD, CRACKERS, CAKES, &o. ' For Wholesale or Retail Trade. We shall also keep a tupply ot OSBORNE' GOLD DUST FLOUE. J. M. Swift '& Co.' Best White Wheal Flour, Kye Flour, Buckwheat Flour, Cora Heal, Fíed, &c, &o., &c, Al Wholesale iucl Retail. A irenenil stock 01 ÜEOÖESIËS AND PEOVISIOITS onstantly on hand, which will be sold on asreasonable terms as at any other house in the citv KFCash paid for Butter, EgLS, and Coun.rv Produce Lenerallv. t&C',oods Delivered to anv part oí the city with out extr charire. Rinwey & Seabolt. -o. 4 w. washington st. House, Sign, Oameku. ahd Fresco Paihter, pildlnfr, calclmining, glazing and paper üanK Allworkis done in the best style anC. warranted to g-ivo satisfaotion.


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