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A Model For Her Sisters

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The "new woman" shows to the best advantage wheu brought into contact with a certain kind of man tliat has cnmberort ihe earth i'rom the beginning ■without being materially afïected by the moral aflvanceraent of his race. One of this sort entered a Fifth avenue stage i'j New York tne other day, and aeeing a Tai], brilliant looking girï seated in the far corner he took the vacant place next her, accosting her exactly as if he were an acquaintance. To his surprise, she answered politely, and for a couple if blocks they affably discussed the weather. Th'en she signaled the driver to stop and got out, ïollowed by the inwardly astonished masher, who had expwted ODly to be repnlsed witb the cold ftare cultivated by the average town bred young woman for use in saoh pmorgeucies. When they reached the curbstone, she gave him a second surprise. "I have stopped on the beat of 'he largest policeman on the avenue, " s'iid she in a voice he would not ha-9 i'ecognized as that of his companion in the bns, "and if you are uot a blocK away within five minutes 1 wilt have you arrested. I spoke to you because I kuew three women on the opposite side 'if that stage, and I wasn't going to have " get around that I had bRen spokeu to t'y a man 1 didn't küow. " A glauca convinced him that infirmity f purpose was not among her failiugs, and the big officer was coming nearer erery moment, so the offender started 1 down tho street vritíi tija air of a man i jIio bad just remomhored


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