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The Usual Protest

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The Springfield (Mass.) Republican remarks: The usual protest against granting municipal sufl'rage to womeu has been presentecl to the legislatura by wonien who prefer to shirk respousibilities of fitizenship. Thia is what they confess rratifclv. They ïxuns:rste "becansawo rtg -.r ' ..iiïi .- a duty iiivolviug ! tam o'j gatious which ivo bave no wish . to nssnuio," prèferringto be represented by thcir "fatbors, brithers, lmsbandh ' aud Küiis. " Itisthe sumo delightful old . notiou - the woman stay at home mr! coaxes tho man; the man eats the apple and makesuomisohief Andtbe i strants are of tho cnltnred and coddled classes, who nevor havo to face auy of the serious questions of life exoept uuder protection. There nre several thousand women in Massachusetts, a great number of them in Boston, who hav-i uo "fatherfi, brothers, husbands an 1 sons" to do their work as citizens, who are maintainiug themselves and who have aright to vote for themselves. It is the sheltered privilege of the few against the rights of all. The fact that the labor uníons ask for municipal suffrage for women is very significant.


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