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How She Won Their Votes

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Tbose who may have imagined that the woman politicians of the country would uot -prove resourcefnl in practical electioi!' . ring wiïl be interested in küowüi.n lm. v Miss Estalle Reel, fornierly of ühio, carried the state of Wyoming in her canvass for state superintendent of public instruction. Miss Reel is not only young (27), but charruing Being nominated, she determined to lead the ticket, and she did so. In Wyoraing the voting places are few and f ar betvveen, so thewoman candidate adopted an original pian of bringmg the cowboys to the front. She procured a list of addresses and an immeuse stock of tl. o daintiest stationery and a correspoiiding supply of photographs of herself. Inclosing the picture with a graceful personal appeal to every known and unknown friend, she induced the rough riders of the state to travel in ruauy cases as ïnuch as 50 miles to vote for the pretty girl who thus honored them. Miss Reel is said to be the most delightful kind of a woman and has designs on still higher positions vf ithiu the gut oí tüe


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