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Need Of An Engaged Girls' Club

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"If yoa want to start a real fetcbing 1 philanthropy," remarked the retired bachelor maid 'just pleaso fon nd a ! club tor engage gitls Unit live in board ing houses. The object of conrse would be to provide tome private, perfectly nice rctreat. where said engaged girls could entertain sweethearts. You've no idea of the need of such a place. As things are now, uearly every 'bespoko' bachelor maid in New York city is obliged to receive the dearest fellow iu the world in a bourding house parlor, unless of courso she is flatting it, in which case the presence of the three or four other bachelor maids who are flatting it with her is anything but pleasaut. "Take my own case. At the time 1 decided to renounce the poinps and vanities of the girl bachelor world Í was living in a boardiug house. I leave you to imagine the trials and tribulations that Harry and 1 undcrwent duriugthe period of oer engagement. We had absólutely no place in which to spend our precious evenings together except the public parlor, where we were Hable to interruption at any moment. " " 'By Joye, I can 't stand this!' cried Harry one evening after a tortured half hour of decorously sitting ou opposite sides of the room and conversing about Shakespeare and the musical glasses. 'Tbis is worse than hades. 111 hire a hall if there's uo othei1 way. ' "We finally settled it by going way up town each eveniug to some friends of my motber's, who kindly lent their drawing room for the purpose of our lovemaking. Itwas vory inconvenient, however. Otherwise, though, all our courting would have had to be done after marriage. Tbere are more cases like ours in New York city than you niighc suspect. It:s dreadfully hard on sweetbearts. Yes, if some public spirited individual wants to immortalize himself in the name of matrimony, let him or her found 'The Engaged Girls' club,' towhose house all the betrothed young people that live in boarding houses may resort. Dopend upon it, it's a charity that would take. Thousandsof suffering boarding house couples all over the city would rise up and cali any such


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