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New Post Office In Manchester Township

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■ A short time ago Charles Cooley circulated a petition asking for the establishment of a postoffice at Iron Creek. It is customary with the department, in cases where the name of the place petitioning for an office is a common one. or very similar to the name of other places or offices in the state, to request the petitioner to send some other name by wtiich the new office shall be known. Iron Creek might easily be confused with Stony Creek, Sand Creek, Battle Creek, etc, and Mr. Cooley, therefore, sent in several extra ñames. As he was doing so his eye chanced to rest on his buil dog, "Spike," and he added this name to the list. Surely enough, the department picked out the name "Spike," and the postoffice will be run under that euphonious appellation. Mr. Cooley will be the postmaster, and his dog "Spike," which has grown several inches in all directions since having had the honor of having a postoffice named after him by the United States government, will faithfully watch and guard the safe, cash drawer and Uncle Sam's property. There is but one other office named Spike in the country, and it is in Kentuckv. - -


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