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A sleek, fine appearing smooth mar.nered fellow of good address called at the home of Deptlty United States Marshal Peterson, Sunday afternoon, and represented himself as an old friend. Mr. Peterson being away the fellow promised to cali again. Monday morning before Mr. Peterson had had his breakfast his "old friend" called again. It appears that the tellow had lived here for a short time some years ago and had some slight acquaintance with Mr. P. He said his name was W. H. Scott, and that he was on his way to Boston and that he had had a little bad luck, having bought a scalper's ticket in Chicago, which proved to have been stolen. He elaimed the conductor took up the ticket and put him off the train at Vpsilanti. He then wired friends in Boston, and one Kelly, connected in some way with a bank there, replied, telling him his mother was dead and to come at once, also to draw on him by draft or check for any money needed. He wished Mr. Peterson to go to the bank, therefore, and identify hitn. Mr. Peterson sniffed a "case," but told the fellow he would meet him at the bank as soon as he had his breakfast. Taking Marshal Banfield, Peterson went to the place appointed, but the fellow failed to appear. He had evidently become suspicious and departed, as diligent search 'aited to reveal his whereabouts.


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