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The Washtenaw democratie conention last Tuesday showed no iigns of the black eye the democracy received last November Alïhough it came together on very short notice, it was a red-hot, enLhusiastic, old-time democratie 1 :ring and bore none of the ear marks of that apathy which repub-' licans so longed for and which sorae J of their write-ups, prepared days before and expressing their hopes rather than the facts, indicated. At eleven o'clock, the court room being well filled, Chairman Brown, of the county comniittee called the contion to order and Thos. 1). Kearney was named as temporary chairman and Eugene Oesterlin temporary secretary. Mr. Kearney, on taking the chair, made an inspiring speech, thanking the convention for the honor done him, outlining the duty of the democracy and closing with the objects of the convention. A motion was then made that the chair appoint the usual committees and it was done as follows: Permanent organization and order of business - M. ]. Cavanaugh, Ann Arbor; Hiram Lighthall, Sylvan; James Forsythe, Vpsilanti. Credentials - Chas. A. Ward, Ann Arbor; Fred Stabler, Lima; Michael Alber, Freedom. Resolutions - D. A. Hammond, Ann Arbor; F. P. Bogardus, Ypsilanti; E. B. Norris, Ann Arbor. The convention then adjourned until i :3o. Upon reassembhng the committee on permanent organization and order of business reported in favor of making the temporary organization permanent, which was done. The committee on credentials reported all delegations complete and no contests. The reading of report was dispensed with but the following is a list of the delegates: fnn Arbor City - First Ward- J. F. Schuh, E. Wagner, M. Brenner, VV. H. Butler, B. F. Watts, G. Luick, J. R. Bach, M. C. Peterson, Martin Clark, Eug. Mann, W. G. Doty. Second Ward. - M. J. Lehman. M. Staebler, Louis Kurtz, William Herz, Sid W. Millard, Chris. Brenner, Titus Hutzel Eugene Oesterlin, sr., William Wagner and John Walz. Third Ward- C. Snyder, W. H. Mclntyre, M. J. Martin, Hugh McGuire, John Ryan, Thomas Taylor, Charles Vogel, William Clancy, Jerry Collins, M. Davenport. Fourth Ward. - J. V. Sheehan, Wm. Walsh, Moses Seabolt, Chas. R. Whitman, Patrick O'Hearn by Arthur Brown proxy, John O'Keefe, M. Ryan, Chas. H. Kline, Henry J. Brown. Fifth Ward.- Walter Taylor, Jas. Boyle, Thomas Godkin, Charles H. Manly. Sixth Ward.- D. A. Hammond, M. J. Cavanaugh, Edward Duffy, E. B. Norris, Charles A. Ward, T. D. Kearney, L. J. Lesimer. Ann Arbor Town - Fred Krause, Richard Bilbie, Walter Bilbe, Wm. Martin, C. T. Wideman, John H. Cowan, John Forshee. Augusta- J. H. Herley, Wm. T. Russell, Dr. H. J. Post, D. L. Herley, Walter Masón, Antón Gabel, Walter Ballard, Chas. Alban, Wm. Holland. Bridgewater - Geo. Walter, L. Shellenberger, S. Tate, Wm. Gadd, O. T. Ruff. Dexter - Thos. McQuillan, John Clark, M. McGuire, Jacob Jedle. Freedom- M. P. Alber, W. J. Beuerle, H. Kuhle, Frank Keobe, Frank Renan, Edward Keober. Lima - Chas. Paul, Fred Stabler, J. H. Wade, D. E. Beech, Wm. Covert. Lodi - Philip Blum, M. Egner, D. J. Muir, S. Cress, J. Clough, Jacob Breckle, M. Grosshans. Lyndon - C. Miller, John Closh, Thos. Voung, jr., Peter Youman. Manchester - Henry Kirchhofer, Jos. Kelly, H. Clark, Geo. Nisier, J. Kensler, A. J. Wurster, H. Schrñidt, F. Hunt, Bert Logan, Frank Logan, J. F. Miller, Bert English. Northfield- D. W. Barry, George Maulbatch, J. McElroy, Jas. O'Brien, Philip Duffy, J. Rausenberger, W. E. Sutton. Pittsfield- F. E. Mills, Charles Rose, Herman Reyer, John Fiegle, W. H. Sheppard, S. Nordman. Sharon- A. H. Kuhl, W. B. Osborn, Charles Clark, H. J. Landwehr. Salem- L. D. Chapin, W. P. Lane, D. E Smith, P. H. Mumery, Stephen Ellis. Saline - S. Weinett, John LuU, M. T. Alber, G. Feldkamp, D. J. Kline, O. M. Kelsey, John Gillen, Henry Gunner, Most Reynveus. Scio - Geo. W. Pratt, P. Fitzsimmons, G. E. Moore, Alex. Dancer, G. W. Bell, Wm. Aprill, sr., C. Knight, Fred Fiegel, J. V. N. Gregory, M. S. Cook. Superior - Wm. Tate, John Mcj Dougal, James Gales, R. Martin, Chas. Arnold, John Shankland. Sylvan- H.Lighthall, Frank McNamara, Dennis Leach, John P. Poster, F. Staffon, John Schenk, J. A. Eiseman, J. W. Bessel, John J. Ruftrey, Jno. Geddes, jr. , Geo. Erwin, Sam. Trouten, Burt Turnbull. Webster - John Conlan, J. Boyle, J. Welsh, John Hoy, John Coyle. York - Alfred Davenport, James Doyle, Charles Kelsey, Wm. Clark, ■H. G. Mclntyre, H. T. Latume, M. Davenport, John Clark, W. Coe, A. Montenin, Ira Kelsey. Ypsilanti town - Geo. Roberts, Wallace Draper, J. 1-. Lowden, Geo. Crane, A. J. Murray, Horatio Benham, W. Ammerman. Ypsilanti City - First Ward- J. W. Babbitt, Geo. Palmer, Wm. Kirk, Jas. McGregor, Geo. J. Ament, Seward Cramer, Fred J-amb, John Martin. Second Ward- Zina Buck, Geo. J. Preston, F. G. McCaffrey, J. H. Hodgkins, Wm. M. Smith, T. P. Bogardus. Third Ward- Krank E. Kirk, M. T. Woodruff, Chas. Curr, D. T. Coe, Preston W. Ross, John P. Kirk, Tracy L. Towner. Fourth Ward - J. M. Forsythe, S. A. Durand, Wm. H. Lewis, Lester Brown, M. B. Schaffer. Fifth Ward- John Terns, Nic Max, Chas. Fulton, Geo. Riehle, L. M. Forrester, Jas. McLean, Wm. Smith. The convention then proceeded to elect delegates to the state and senatorial conventions with the following result: STATE CONVENTION. Delegate-at-large, Edward Duffy, Ann Arbor; Wm, F. Lewis, Ypsilanti; Frank Staffen, Chelsea; Robert Vlart'n, Superior; John Terns, Ypsilanti; Jacob F. Miller, Manchester; Nathan E. Sutton, Northfield; George Kohl, York; Dr. D. Zimmerman, Ann Arbor; W. H. Butler, A.nn Arbor; F. E. Mills, Pittsfield; Thomas D. Kearney, Ann Arbor; Hlenry Sturapenhusen, Y'psilanti; f. V. N. Gregory, Dexter; John O'Hara, Ann Arbor; Michael J. Brenner, Ann Arbor; VVm. A. Russell, Augusta; Arthur Brown, Ann Araor; Moses Seabolt, Ann Arbor; VValter H. Dancer, Lima. SENATORIAL CONVENTION. Delegate-at-large, James L. Lowden, of Y'psilanti; Sid W. Millard, Ann Arbor; Michael Alber, Freedom; Martin D. Reynolds, Saline; Hiram Lighthall, Chelsea, Jacob F. Schuh, Ann Arbor; Philip Duffy, Northfield; Thomas McQuillan, Dexter; Tracy L. Towner, Ypsilanti; M. T. Woodruff, Ypsilanti; J. V. Sheehan, Annn Arbor; W. H. Bilbie, Ann Arbor; John H. Hurley, Augusta; John McDougall, Superior; Amos Mclntyre, York; John Kensler, Manchester; Philip Blum, jr., Lodi; Fred Stabler, Lima; Warren Ammerman, Ypsilanti; William Aprill, Scio. Then came the nornination of candidates for county commissioner of schools. M. J. Lehman in a well worded speech presented the name of David A. Hammond, and M. T. Woodruff, of Ypsilanti, named Dennis C. Van Buren. F. E. Mills and M. J. Cavanaugh seconded the nomination of Mr. Hammond. On the informal ballot 151 votes were cast, of which 4 were scattering, 67 were for D. C. Van Buren, and 80 for D. A. Hammond. A formal ballot was then taken, resulting in 81 votes for Hammond and 66 for Van Buren, and one blank. The nomination of Hammond was then made unanimous. Mr. Hammond being called for, appearedand spoke briefly, accepting the nomination. The report of the committee on resolutions was then read and adopted. Each delégate was authorized to send a proxy, but in case of failure to do so the delegation was instructed to fï 11 any vacancies. After which the convention adjourned.


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