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She Raises Tobacco

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A prominent Lonisville tobáceo merrhant regis ter ed at tbe Se. James said t) a Tribune reporter: "One of the most picturesque figures E8CD o the tobáceo breaks at the Falla City la-i' vv-iek was Mrs. L. J. CtttsiuLer, who =olrl a erop of excellent quality at tlid .New Enterprise warehouse. Mis. Cutsinger is a widow froru Spencer county and coiurs to the city each f all or winter to mafee her own nales. Shu talles on the subject of tobucco as inte) ligeutly as the average man. "I am informed. " coutiimed tb Loui.sville gentleman, "that tbis wonian plants, en I uvates and harvests her own erop witli tlje assistance of a son about 14 yeiirs of age She knows as much a'oout the proper care of the erop trom the time the seed is sown to tho cutting of the stalk as the men who como on the breaks from day to day. With all tbis, thouijh, she is in overy sense ü woman, uot even the least raasculii:e in her tastea. Her case is one which foroibly illustrates what we eau ; do if we are on!y eompelled to. Ordinarily a woman would give up in despair if told slie must cultívate a erop of tobucco. "


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