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ent that a vote .hall be taken on "f ,,'dry civil bill atSo'cluckthis af■ „ Theflnanclal issue, which has ETuta a great menacing cloud over „.rechamber for many weeks, was f eal permanently dissipated. Í'trhottherewasastonnot-deLte in which the most conspiouous flnajn1 flmrcs of the senate were listened to Z c rowded galleries. And Gorman LCeflnancial amendment had brought ! , the contest, withdrew the proposition d the subject was summarily disposod T 4 moment later Mills' proposition to Leal the laws authorizing the issue of SS was cut off by a ruling of tUe ohnir Íit was out of order. Thus the flnanriil issue which had threatened serious tclay to the appropriation bilis was uupectedly swept away. Commn Challenge CarlisleVs Ac.uracy. Gorman made the principal speech in artvocacy of the proposition for authonz r ál' 0 (100 C00 of debt oertiflontes to meet Lauiry' deficiencies. The senator called i„ nuetion the aecuracy of Secret ary Carlisle's report of the treasury's safe condition, and declared that adeficiency of f60 - íwíor the fiscal year was assured HUI nmde a speech against the amendment „hich involved him in several sharp colr0nmes. Sherman, Allison, and Aldrioh BiioDorted the Gorman amendment. Voorhpps chairman of the finalice cmnmittee, „pposed the amendment on the groimd ", it it was needless, and it was directly nnoosed to the wishes of the president and ecretary of the treasury. Mills spoke vigorously against the issi.o of booda Lively SpatBetweon H.ll and Mills. The most interesting feature of the dehate was the colloqules in which prominent senators joined and one of the livelirst of these was between Mills and Hill. fntheconrae of this Mills asked Hill: ' What kind of money do you believe in anywaj P" "I believe in the gold and silver of tlie constitution," responded Hill; "I un not a Greenbackor now, and never Kot a Greenbackerf" exclaimed Mills, derisively. Then addressing Hill personally he said: "When your great state of New York in 1868 sent Horatio Seymour to the national Democratie convention it was on a platform of paying all public obligations ia greenbacks. Where were you thenf" Theré was intense energy in Mills' query, and the galleries broke into laughter. "Read that matform," said Hill. O, Where Was Roderick Tlieu?" Mills read the plank concernmg green■backs and then, turning to Hill with keen 6atire added : Oh where was Roderick theu? One ljlast upon his bugle horn were worth a thousand men. ïhe senators were much anmsed and the galleries again broke into laughter. "Of course you voted for Horatio Seymour," said Mills, again addressing Hill. The latter made no response and Gray said, sottovoce: "He was too young." The Main Jue8tion Would ïiemain. Allison then argued for the certifícate scheme as a temporary matter, and Hill 6aid: "Even if such a temporary expedient is adopted will not the question of the redemption of the greenbacks remain?" "Certainly," replied Allison. "Then is it not our duty to address oursclves to this subject?" asked Hill. Allison parried the question by simply callingHill's attention to the absolute f utility of ittempting any real remedial flnancial legislation at this late hour in the Ecssion.


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