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Congressional Proceedings In Outline

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Washington, Fob. 38.- A polnt of ordei mode in the seríate that the "ridor" waa not in order authorizing the secretary o[ the troasury to issue 3 per cent, ceriificates for tho running expenses of the government when necessary, led to four hourti' ílnancial debate, which was Olosed by tiorman withdrawing his rider, ïhe bilí (sundry civil) was then proceeded with, the amendment being adopted to appoint a eommission to take part in any international monetary conference that may be called. It was agroed that the bilí be voted on this afternoon. Tho house attended to soine routine business and then proceeded to consider public building bilis, but got hito a snarl on the proposal to buy a site for a new governinenc print shop, and drop)e;l tho whole subject. The senate anu.ndment to the postolïico bill designed to destroy the effect of tlie poitmaster general's order requiring raüway mail clerks to live on tlie me of rallroada to which they are asslgned, but requiring future nppointees to do so, was agreed to. Twenty-one ponsion biils were passed.


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