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Bismarck Consented

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Apropos of the raarriuge of the thirrl son of the Duke of Argyll it is related that whcin lus affectious becaruo attacbed to au untitled woman he feit bouiid to ask the old gentleman 's consent. The duke answered that personally bo liad no objection to the match, but in view of the tact that his eldest son liad espoused a danghter of tho queon hu thought it ligbt to inquire her majesty'a pleasure on the subject before expressing his foimal approval. Eer majesty, thus appealed to, observed that since the death of iVieprincs consort she liad been in thehab-i of conBDltiug the Duke of Saxe-Cobug on all famüy affairs. The matter was therefore r.rferrod to Duke Ernest, who replied that sinco the unification of Germany he had made it a rule to ask the emperor's opinión on all important questions. The case uow came before the kaiser, who deoided that, as a ooustitutioual sovereign, he ■was bound to ascertain the views of his prime minister. Happily for tha now anxious pair of lovers, tho "Iion Chancellor, " who was tben in office, had no wish to consult auybodv and decided that the


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