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Labor Bill Suits All

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Washington, D. C, Feb. 2S. - There ar no s&nsational remarks of any kind following the passage by the house oí the arbitration bilí The favor whieh has been sbown that measure by proninent labor leaders predicted olearly B predominating son timen t in hoth houses of congress favorable to the enactment of a measure in keeping with the one adopted. Tae traméis of tha bilí have undoubted eonfidem.-e In its welcome passport info uil legitimately orgunized labor elrcles. It can be regarded now as a matter of course that no matter how slight an Qpposttion to lt is developed In the senate, that nbstacle would, at this late pcriod, be fraught with almost certáin danger to the bilí. Its frlends, however, consider it an entering wedge of solving the labor question which, i I' not suocessful just ow, is bound to bear fruit of incalculable benefit to the laboring classes before the expiration of tb ""i kmrIoD Of congress. Silver Men In Secret Contereuoe. Washington, Feb. 25.- A number oi members of the Bimetallic league mat here yesterday for conference. The greatest secrecy was maintainea as I.o the conference. For several dayj, hcwever, a rumor has been in ci. culatiou here to the effect that cerfain si! ver men were formulating a pip.n, which. it carried out, would result in plafintr a natrogal silver ticket in the field íor thn next nacional campaign.


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