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UY II. J. CAVANAUGH, COM3IISSIONKR. VOGEL 1HSTU1CT, S( m. Miss Mild red Tremper and the, eliildren of the district presented the tollowing program on i'riday evening: America, song by school: Washington's cateehism, school; Memorial for 1895, Sophia Klager: Xot Geo. Washington, Jlenry Weidmaun; Washiiigton's Pliysi al Training, essay, Laura Sehwart.; Uur Colora, Lillie Sttjin, Luella Volz, Julia Klager; W'asliingtou and 1, Alfred Wiitfiier; Game Song, ten Liuys and giris; Tiie Sluiitye Train, Tillie Klager; Washington Enigma, ten giils-, Queslions on the i'lag, school; WaMiington's Birthday, Casper Weidmann; Wasbiugton's Christmas Surprise, VVillie Mast; Why? Minnie Mast; Flag Drill, school; Washington tlic Suxveyor, essay, Sophia Klager; v hen I lieardof Wasliington. Eddie Wast; Washington, LewisWeid-mann, Eddie Mast, Lewis Schwartz; lied, White and ISlue, Julia Klager, Laura Schwartz, Sophia Klager: Geo. Washington. SOPg, Otillie Schwartz, Mildred Tremper; Story of W'asliingtou. Anna Hanselmann; Thing 1 Want to Sec, Kudie Wagner; Deienders, BerthaGuenther; Februaryfweuty-aecond, Stascia Schwartz; The VoW of Washington, Otillie Schwartz; Hurrah tor Gen. Washington, Ada Guenther; February Twenty-second, John Stein, Casper Weidmann, Uharley Larmee; Our Flag, song. The children did well, each one tiiling the assigned part with much credit. Miss Tremper has shown great interest in this school, and the parents and patrons appreciate the work. She has thoroughly graded and classified the school, and the scholars show the result by advaucemeui in studies. J.ODI CENTER SCHOOL This school is in charge of Miss Sophia East. A splendid program was presented on Thursday evening by the teacher and children. Miss East has taken great pains with the preparation of the children for the occasion, and is entitled to much commendation tor what she is doing and lias done for the school. The music, by Miss Gertrude Kress, of Ann Arbor, was exceptionally good and was well appreciated and received by the audience. Mr. Sim on Kress and John Grosshaus, and all others wlio assisted in the preparation, are entitled to much credit. The program is as follows: Music, Gertrude Kress; song of welcorne, school; Washington chatechisjnschool: the story of George Washing, ton, school; song, "Children oí the Union" - this song was made very attractive by each child, twenty-six of them, wearing soklier caps with a cockade of red, white and blue and by waving llags as they marched; recitation, "February 22nd," Maggie Kress; music, Gertrude Kress; '"Washington 's Biïtkday," ten little girls, dressed in white and with blue caps and each vvearing a large letter painted red, which spelled the word Washington; recitation, Walter Mayer; quotation from Washington's diary; song, "The Yankee Boy," school: recitation, "Two Portraits," Bertha Mayer and I Moore; "A ]5unch of Flowers," four little girls dressed in white and canying the Hower they represented; "The Little Sleepy Head," Albert Frey; "Washington as a Boy;" ''Truthful Washington," Mary Mayer; song, "George Washington," school; recitation, Freddie Mayer; "The Flag." Dena Frey; recitation, "The Old Farm," James Sage; "The Little Mothers," Tillie Sage, Mary Mayer, Maggie Kress and Louise Schaible - this was sung and acted out very prettily- by the children; recitat on, "I Gant," Freddie Mayer: recitation, Walter Mayer, Joe Sage and Albert Frey; song, "Onr Flag"; recitation, "Our Washington," Mary Mayer; recitation, "I'H Try," Henry Flannigan; "Curfew must not ring tonight," Sophia East; music, Gertrude Kress; recitation, "Somay Interruptions,"by Jane Sage and tour others who interrupted hun in the speakina:; recitation, "The Sick Dolly,"' Laura Kress; song, "Lovalty to the Flag"; recitation, "Washington, "six little boys; music, Gertrude Kress; "The Hatchets," this was recited by ten little boys earrying hatchets trimtned with red, white and blue with letters on them which spelled the word Washington, they acted out the cutting of the cherry tree by Washington in a very ereditable marnier; the dolls' hospital,- this was acted out in a marnier that was a great credit to the children; tableau, ''The Doctor and Dolly," Laura Kress and F. Mayer; "The liainbow," seven girls - wás a very pretty sight - each child was dressed in white and wore a cap and sash of oneof thecolorsot therainbow, making in all the seven colors; song, "America," school.


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