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Lawn Grass Mixtures

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Professor Beal, recognized authonty on grasses, says: Iu land not likely to suffer from dry weather and exposed to stmlight, sow Junegrass alone orbrown bent alone, or, better still, sow a mixture of the two. For land not likely to suffer from dry weather at certain times where exposed to sunlight, sow or plant a mixture of June grass and Bermuda grass. For ratlier thin soil or for any Boil ru√ľoh shaded by trees, I have never seen anything to be compared with the red fescues. The foregoing is for those who can appreciate a fino thiug and can wait a little for it. But for those who aro irupatient for results and want a good display of green in the shortest possible space of time, sow perennial rye grass, orchard grass, timothy, oreven oats or rye, or almost any otner grasaes to be fonnd in the market. Tobe sure, they wil] look bunchy and patohy, some Btartiug quicker than Qthers afturmowing, but tho lawn will be thick aud jrcen.


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