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Fight Of The Hornet And Peacock

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Feb. 24, 1813, was the date of Lawrence's famous victory in the Hornet over the lish brig Peacock. Whilo inaueuvering at the mouth of the Demerara river to get at the brig-of-war Espiegle he saw the Peaoook bearing for him. The decks of the Americau ship were quickly cleared for action. The antagonista met and exchanged broadsides at half pistol ?hot. Both bore up, and Lawrence ran the Hornet close up under the starboard quarter of the Briton and began a furious cannonade. In 15 minutes the Peacock was a sinking wreek. Responding to a signal of distress in her fore rigging, Lawrence sent a crew on board. Boats were lowered to take off the woundcd, of which there were many, there having been 40 casualties aruoug her crew in few minutes. Her sides were full of holes, soir.e of which the Americans plugged, in the hope that she would float until her poople could be saved. Guns werethrown overboard and the pumps set goiug, but it was useless. She sank and carried down, with raany of her crew, several gallant American tara who risked themselves to save enemies iĆ¼ distress. The Hornet lost but two men killed and three wounded in the battle and actually suffered most in trying to rescue the enemy. The British captain was killed before his ship struck. She was a famous vessel, known as the "yacht of the navy" by reason of her spotless brasswork and well kept decks. She carried 22 's, while the Hornet was armed with 32's, but her shots seldom hit the inark, so their weight had nothing to do with her defeat. It wasLawrence's skillful maneuvering and f urious broadsides aimed lcw that worsted the Peacock, cutting her to pieces in 15 minutes.


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