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ï $ Cures OpAQf 1 1 II RISÏRQ DJ ijOtí il C A) t r ü '■:.... Is thé greatest blessin L' Cí:(ever offered child-bearing vv(('v Ct)man. I have been a mid-wife '?! Jifcfor many years. and in each;' C ■' case where "Motheus' Friend' - ' f s ) was used it accompüshed ' í í dersand relieved much í' ' ing-. It is the best reraedy for ', ' c'Jrising of the Breast known. ï C J-and worth the price for thatí (f;' alone. Mrs. M. M. Brewster, í' C I j Montg-omery, Ala. I C tL Sent by Express or Mal], on reeelDtof í -I prlce, tl. perbottle. Sold by all i),-,,,.. , f í í BRADF1ELD EKGULATOK CO í 5 WALL PAPEBl WALL] PAPER. OF ALL The Newest Designs. PRICES THE" LOWEST AT OSCAE 0. SORG THE DECOB.ATOK, 7O IVEIISJ ST. A GRAND OFFER! ETBES& MME. A, RÜPPERT'S rSlIXFACEBLEACH . - vïofc MWE A. RUPPERT s?i i Mv eays: "laPPreolatethefaot ifK Wm that tllcre a' m;l"y thouííaÉw?otósKái5l wndsofladiw.inthi'ünlted ifBrTiniTffliri Statesthatwimldliketotry ■ M w inyWorld-Ki-nowned Kace eiíáSlK TO ?ÍLEAÍ'H! tut have beea Jai ws tij kept from d1,ng 80 on i(, rSÍsl w ïy countof pricf,whichi: WM Perfc"'uew;iboulestakèn ÍWS3Vr . S tocether. 8500. In order iM-' that all ofthosemiiyliaTO Sa M anopportunitv.I willgive 'wTX ' to every caller, absolutelf , - íree, a sample MüxCc Síííniordertüsupplythoseout - =- ' 01 City, orín anypaitof the worid.Iwillsend Ibsafely packedin plainwrappor all charges prepaid, for 2! cents, silverorstnmp.' In every case of frecklen, pimples, moth, sallowness.blackheads, acné, eczema, oiljnebs,roi]h. ness, or any discoloration or dlseaseof the skin and wrinkles (not cansed by facial expression' Facb Bi,EACHromoves absolutcly. ït does not cover up, as cosmetica do, butis a cure. Address MÁSAME A. K"ÜPPERT.(Dcpt.O) No. 6 East I4th St., NEW YORK CITY. Fruit Trees! Ií' you ntenü to set out Peach. Pear, Apple 01 Fruit Trees of any kind, you will pnve monev by to tlie MICHIGAN NURSERY CO', MONROE," MICH. Thoy havo the best and lmrdiest varetios for tliis partof tlie country Small Fruits of All Kinds, and a larfie assortment of the best and hardiest Koses, Shrubbery and Ornamental Trees and Plants. i I I i : I M II I g Ü Í (D & 11 W I w U h M i s h ll .9 I i S í i i - L S 11 -a i 1 r J ?S W 1 M ni pq W h g S 3! s s 3 si I J ÜJ a, ■ II I I I RIÏSEÏ í SfiABOLTS BÁKERY, GRÖCEEY AND FLOÜR AND FEED STORE, ■ We keep consiantly on hand BREAD, CRACKERS, CAKES, 4o. For Wholesale or Retail Trade. We shall also kecp a supply ol OSBORNJC'S GOLD DUST FLOUB. J. M. Swlft & Oo.'b Best White Wheat Flour, Rye Flour. Buokwhoat Flour, Corn Maal, T'íed, &c, &c, &c, Al Wholesale ind Retail. A general stock 01 aSOOEBIES AND PEOVISIONS constantly on hand, which will be sold on as n-.asonablé terms as at any other house in the city ■ P-Cash paid for Butter, Eggs, and Country Produce generally. P"Goods Delivered to any part of the city wlth out extri oharire. Rlner & SeftP"lt. "w:m: hbbz," NO. 4 W. WASHINGTON ST. House, Sig, Onamehal asd Fresco Paintkr, gilding, caloimining, glazing and paper haag ing. AUworkis done in the best style ni warranted to srtve satisfaotlon.


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