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A Story Of Lord Nelson

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Feb. 14 is the annivorsary of one of England's famoua naval l;ttlcs where Nelson flrst ed lieroisw- Cape St. Vincent, 1797. Sir Johu Jervis' fleet of 15 sail lay at ;he cape when Nelson joined him from I Gibraltar, bringing uews of a Spa:iish i fleet of 27 f.ail uurier Admiral De Cordova hovering near. The Spaniards wero sailing in two divisious, butousighting the English hastened to unite. Sir John boldly drove his fleet into the openirg, compelliug the Spanish rear divisiĆ³n to retreat. When the English liad passed, bowevor, the Spaniards bore up to recover grouud, but Nelson, disobeying the adiniral'8 orders to keep on, turned with the Captain and attacked the whole rear line vessol by vessol. He cariied the Captain throngh, but with her wheel shot away, foretopmast overboard, rigging torn and ainmnnition used up. There" was nothing to do but board the noarest antagonist, the San Nicholas. Neison led the boarders, a?:d while fighting on the deoks and in the cabins of the San Nicholas the party was opened upon with pistols and muskets from the San Josef alongside. Calling men from the Captain to hold the prize, he leaped to the deck of the San Josef, followed by a crew of tried followers from his old ship Agamemnon. The San Josef yielded, giving Nelson two prizas out of five gathered in in five hours' hard fighting. The English lost 400 and won. The Spaniards lost 1,000 aud ran awav.


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