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An Alligator's Lesson In Etiquette

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Tabby, the cat, mauitep'teri greatcuriosity, not nnmixed witli jealousy, when Beolzebub, the alligator, was iustalJert as a family pet. Aud sbe acqnired the uiikiud habit of walking np to him at evcry opportunity and showing her dfspleasure by deliberately ouffiug him with her paw. Then she woulri retire, showirjg evident satiafaction, aï ii sho had perforined a duty. This was done ouce too ofteu, for Beolzöbub had evidentlv harborc(? iu his memory her forruer insults, and this last one proved too much for his iujured spirit. His eyes flashed with a yallowish light, and wheu Tabby was walking away he scrarnbled after her, seized her tail and clnng to lt vioiously. Thia frigbtened the buliy, and she started on a race arouud the room, taking aerial flights over chairs and tables, with Beelzebub desperately clinging to her tail. When we released the panio tricken 'Iabby, we were surprised to find that Beelzebub was none the worse for his wild experieuce, and with widely distended jaws he breathed a general defianoe, bnt Tabby had received a lesson, aud slio nevcr uiolcsted Beelzebub again.


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