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A Boy's Conscience

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Every boy, uo matter how hasty or wrong beaded he may seem, has in his heart a teacher who can always show hirn tho way to. do riglit if he will listen to what it tells liim. Where the voica comes from or who gave it power to 6peak iii a boy's heart oue cannot say here. But it is there, and althongh he tnay refuse to listen to tho voice of hit mother or to any outside voice telling him of tl)9 right and wrong of his actions, he cannot altogether disregaid the still, small voice which is always with him aud which sometimos he cannot refuse to hear. Perhaps the voice may bo very faiut at flrst, but if we try to listen it wil! surely come and speak louder and clearer in the heart of every boy who wishes to find a highor, better way thau he has ever kuowu tefore. -


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