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New Spring Dress Goods

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MARCH SALE OF I I I I Never have snch varieties been shown and such low prices offered 50 pieces all wool Serges and Henriettas, Spring Shades, the 39c quality, at 25c a yd. 20 pieces pretty Spring Flaids, doublé fold, at 25c a yd. 45 inch wool Checks and Mixtures, worth 50c, at 39c a yd. 40 inch all wool, navy blue and black Storm Serges, the new price, 32c a yd. 35 pieces all wool Novelty Dress Goods, the 65c kind, now 39c a yd. Lovely Satin Finish Hcnriettas, the 75c quality, new price 50c a yard. 50 inch all wooi Serges, last season's price $1, new price 50c a yd. 48 inch all wool Storm Serge, would be cheap at 75e, now 50c a yd. High Art Novelty Dress Goods in Silk Mixtures, Prench aDd English Suitings, Checks, Plaids and Crepons, this lot of elegant Dress (roods we place on sale at 50c a yd. jO pieces fancy Swivel Silks, the 50c kind, at 39c a yd. J0 pieces colored Kai-Kai Wash Silks at 35c a yd. BL A.CK DRESS GOODS A great sale and a great season for Black Goods. '?n -ncl1 a11 wo' Dlack Serges and Ilenriettas, worth 39c, at 25c a yard. 40 inch black figured Mohairs, a big bargain at 35c a yd. 40 inch all wool black Storm Serge, the new price 32e a yd. 4.) inch all wool black Henriettas, were 75c, new price 39c a yard. W inch all wool black Serges, last season's price $1.00, now 50c a yard. j( inch fine black Imperial Serge, a bargain at 50c a yd. 40 inch Silk Warp Ilenriettas, the $1.25 quality, now 75c a yd. te inch all wool black Storm Serge, regular 75c quality, at 5Oc a yard. 40 inch Hack figured Serges, Mohair Finish, at 50c a yard. 4S inch black figured Sicilian Mohairs, worth $1.00, at 65c a yd. inch black Silk Finish Ilenriettas, Figured Mohairs. Figured Serges, lMgured Crepons, Black Fabrics, worth up to $1.00, the new price 5cayd. BLACK CREPONS Ar; the up-to-date rage. Wehavethem the ouly large and representative collectiouin Ann Arbor. Sprints Dress Triinniings Now Open. KID GLOVE SALE 50 dozen "Etelka" 5 hook Foster Kid iiloves, in black and new spring shades, the best Sl.OOGlove in Aun Arbor. For this sale 79e a pair, 79c. ■ dozen new Flanneiette Wrappers, for this sale $1.25 each. w ciozen new Spring Calicó Wrappers, full sleeve, lined waists, pretty styles, would be cheap at $1.25, for this sale 98c each. ÖÜMÜilllill M ilillBlill, Low Prices


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