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Increasing Length Of Life

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Is the human race becoming longer lived despito the fret and iever of modern oivilization? It ia an interesting qucstion, and it roay very probably bo answered somo day by science in the affirmative. Tho longovity of professional men is now generally considered to be greater than that of farmers or mechamos. In other words, intelleotual aotivity, although in many respecta more exhausting than physical, bas in the niain a salutary effect upon the human frame. It may be theneryes rather than tho muscles upon which we mainly depend, afier all. It is a commonplace of observation that the big, hearty men are constantly dropping out of the world, 'vhilo those of far more fragüe organízatioüS apparently live on to a ripe oíd age. As to tho increasing longevity of the race generally, there is no little incidental testimony on this head to be gathered from varions sources. Some of the eariy héroes and heroines of romance are old before they reach what we should cali middle life. And at the begimiing of our own centnry Jane Ansten, whose testimony is always unimpeachable, speaks of the hoalthy and contented womaa of 40 as haviug agood prospect of 20 yeai'S of life y et. Twenty yearsl What woman of today thinks of herseJf as t'allingiuto decrepitude at 60? Elsewhere in Miss Atisten's pages we rnn across people who are old with the passage of half a century of life. But dow we have Gladstones at 80 and over


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