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Can Afford To Be Quiet

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KOUSE, Coló., March 11.- Oí tho mne Itnlians arrested tor tlio murder of A. J. Hixou four were exonerated at tho coroner's inquest and disehargod. Fivo were held for trial and ordered committéd to jail. Theso have all been killed. John Wellsby, drivurof the wagon in which the prisoners were belng taken to jaü, was alsoaceidentally killed, making the total b amber of futallties sis. The cown of W ilsenburg is iiow quiet. Alter the attaok on the wagon party as deicribed in the dispatcht:s yesterday all was comparatively quiet until soon after midnight. About thut time seven or oighG men wearing tnasks knocked nt the door of the jail whi re Lorenzo Dañino, who was charged by the oiher ltallans with having struck the blows that; killed Hixon, and au Italian woucded in the wagon attack, wei'h con fiu;i. As soon as the door was openeii the putird found guns in their facu-J Pai-t of tiio masked men then went to the e.e.11 where the two ltalians ver oonfineii and nmrderod theiu. No trace has yot boeu found of three ltalians who vere takon l'roni the wagon alive, though tliL;y were killed bevond a doubt. The lisDof dead is as follows: Jos. Welsby, driver of the wagon; Lorenzo Maniuo, Pote Jacobini, Antonio Gobatto, Stanzile Vitan no and Francisco Roccdtto. Home fears were entertaiued at Konso that tho ltalians, who there outnunaber the Americaus and other nationalities, mighc rise up and attaok their neighbors in ruvouge. Nothiug of the öort happened nor is it much ancicipated. Of the murderc d Italiana biit one was an Italian subject, tho others having taken out thoir ürst papers as citizens of the United States. Desveu, ilarch 14. - Governor Mclntyre has reoelved a telegram irom the state department at Washington and replied that ho would exhausc the powers of the state to protect all people. He has replied similarly to a telegram from tho Spanish consul ar, this point. He wired the sheriff at Walsenburg to send him the facts and stop the mol) law and the Pueblo company of military to be ready to move, and prepared to move it. But the news from Walsen burg is that the uheriff has no prisoners who need protection- they are all dead; that the coroner's jury has decroed that they died at the hands of persons unknown and that Walsenburg is now prepared to settle down to peacef ui life.


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