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Movements Of The Diplomats

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Meantlme tho diplouaats aro making Inquirios, us is thoir duty. Tht most they can demand is thut subjeota of foreign powers be giveu ihe same proteetion as that uiïorded nativos of this country, which the list of lynohiugs each year indicates is not perfpctly efïective. The British minister, Sir Julián Pauncefote, ha9 directed the Brltish consul at New Orleans, Mr. St. John, to apply to the local authoritiüs for such special proteotion as raay be necossary during the race rlots. The ambassador has laid before the state ifrp.irtment the oodsuI'3 statement as to the shooting of Purser Bain. No further steps are contemplated, asthe ambassador is satisfied that the local authorities will deal with the uprising in such way as to give British subjeoes the "same proteclion as that afforded Amerioana." The moderation of the British officials and thoir evident desire to credit the efforts of the state and federal authorities in preserving peace is a source of commont and gratificación in official circles here, und it promises to concludo tho Incident without any of the protests and bluster whioh frequently mark these minor international questions. In reply to a telegram from Actiug Henretary of Stato Uhl to Uoveruor Foster, of Louisiiana, statinij tholaots telegraphed Pauncefote by the consul at New Orleans, the goveruor says that vigorous steps are being taken to prevent a recurren ce of the violence, the state and municipal authoritics having gone to work together. The goveruor says that erows oí vesselB are no louger in danger. The Italian minister h;is heard from Colorado, and of the niurder thc-re by a mol) of perhaps nina probably uunaturalIzed Italians, imd it his reqoest Actlng Secretary of State Uhl has telegrapbud Che governor of Colorado for au explanatlon ol' the state ot affaira tfiere.


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