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Tb,! roll of onr naval heroe.-i is still Inorea: i . ,, for a Buhoolteaoher has recently Iranio;! froin ber pupils Jiat "Shakespeare beoarne n Frtuicli awd Milton a Dntcli admiral. " Mussnlmans, however, was not, of conrse, "the ïiarno given to Pranch eoldiers, " nor doea snffrago mean "Langer," thougb somptimes it is not reinotely conneoted with . thirst. 'i'hortí is something Bolemn in tho , leut that "Becket - his grava wap inadn a pilgriiu," aiic] a falso etyiiiology : possitily su;' ri'sted that "guerrillas were , Hru i tUe guillotino," and that Doonisday Dook was so called j canse it was to last till tho crack of Jcoi;:. " And, laatly, here are the most receul bntious to goatrr.l I history: "Nelson lived iu tbo roijiu4 of Victoria aatl il ef ated tbe l r uch i ;ler Biuchei at Waterloo." and, af;aii), I "tlie battl oí Trafjjlgaï was fongbt ífc Waterloo, wheii Napoleon ooixiuiauded tbe Prusaiaua and Nelsou was shot for Í yoin uu deck." Ia gfography also tbo answers are soraewbat at variauoe witb proconwiiveil uotiona. It appeais that "Derby is noterl tor races, Sheffleld tor Shtifíield poniea and Boltou for its ahbey. " Honolulú is "n palacoin the capital of Spain" and Helvellyn "a large volcano in Sootland. " A cráter is "a straight line which is very hot, "and the ohief foods of India are "tea, cofi'ee, rico and raw silk. " Possibly few peopie know wliat dikes are. It is tbis way: "Whon a country ia below the se?, dikes ure big sticks to hold up the water. " We are alad to kiiow, ou oue authority, that "tbe Albert Nyaiiza is so called becauso it was discovered by Prince Albert, " but it snggestfl painfrl fehoughta to bo inforiued that "Livingstoiiu went ou oxploring til) bis boots wery quite woru out." There is, bow - ever, a oertain clement of trnth Iu tbe statement that "Pauuma is noted for yellow mud, which sticks to the fingors of those wbo make it. " Tho Englisb laiignago itsulf is ;i fertile souroe of error. Snch spollings as "bearlieaded" are not uncommon. Tho masculine of goose Í9 duck, and tho feminino of horse is cow. Th plural of lady is gentleman, and tho masculino of vixen is brute. Abstract nouus aro "things you cannot see, such as gas and thimder, " or - as one boy put it with a delicate vein of irouy - "a thing you cannot feel - narnely, couscience. " -


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