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Wo all know just what adorable creatures all graudmotbers are, and how thoy cannot do enough for the little ones belonging to their eons and daugbters. Now, without wishing to appear nngratefnl for these attentions, there aro some mothers who think themselves quite capable of earing for their own babies, and tho continual and persistent contrary opiniĆ³n of gran dm a becomes after a timo vexations rather than helpfnl. Even though grandma has brought up a dozen children, and this is herdaughter's very first experienco in thafc line, it is jufit as well not to give overliberal doses of advice, nor is it good policy to empty out the medicine the doctor prescribes for baby's cough and substitute eirnp of squills, because sirup of equills was all that the youngsters of another generation were dosed with. The lattor medicino may be rogarded by grandma as the most perfect cough remedy in existenee, bnt the preseribed drops or ptliets may be qnite as effective, and it is but natural that the young motber and the physician iu charge should feel a bit anno3rpl at the assumption of superior bnowledge, hovr ever well founded it may bo. Babies uoed as varied treatment as plants do. What may have answered splendidly for grandma's dozen might prove qnite the reverse of benen'cial for tho fin de sieclo youngster, and even thotiph a baby is a novelty to the young mother nature will be her bost teacher as to its wants and cares. Grandma I must remember that shehad to ! ated in her superior baby training before she cculd pose as an oraclo, and wou ld sbe have been pleased to have i had Jinr authority wrenched from her i by a wisor somebody who scorned her methods and ridiculed har laok of wisdom? When the young mother asks for advice, it is time enough togivo it toher. She is certaiu to do so and will appreciate most kindly thevaluable hints the more experienced mother can give her, but her feelings will be quite the reverse if adviee is thrust upon her and the care nf hm nwn nrpnirmfl haiv fiilrpn


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