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Why The Mammoths Froze

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In Jdowortn s book, eutitled "Tiw Mammoth and tho Flood, " the autbor , advances a uniquo theory with regard to the rematas óf the maninioth, or hairy elephant, wbich is fonnd in kuc): immenso nnmbers in Siberia. These creatnres wero so plentiful at one tiuie ia tbat ocmutr.v Shat ivory hnnters fonud it more profitabie to go thero ia search of tbat vahiablo article than to South Aii rica, elephants aro Kupposud to be I as ïumerous as boodlers in New Yorli city. Huworth says tliat tbpy are invariabJy fouud mder conditioas wbich : uiake it eer tai n that they could uot bave : lived unlt'ss the surroundings and climate had been entirely different frorn tho.-se existiug at present. The remains of plants npen which they fed and tbo jont'berii conteniporary shellswbic!) aro also trequeutly found witli the remaina point to a sndden and wonderfnl ohange af climatac odnditions. If Professor Howorth's argnnient is to be given a);y weight, tiio Kiberian ! platean is one of the most recent fea! tures in tbe known pliysical geography of tbe world. He fignrea that the pla tean was suddenly raised to its present j heigbt, and tbat, prior to its sudden ele! vatiou, it was a warm stretch of low land furnishing pastnrage to thousauds af mammoth brutos. Tbe rapid elevation, aceórding to bis deductions, suddenly oongealed tbe waters and froze tbe gigantic animal bodies throngh and through, tbus preserving them intact nutil tbe present day. He says that unless these animáis had been frozen imraediately alter death they would certainly have de.cayed and disappeared. In some places, far to the east iu Siberia, as well as in the mountninous regions of Alaska on our continent, tbe remains of tbe mammoth and other great sxtiuot animáis havo been found at a heigiitof K.000 feot above sea level. Howorth and Palcony both declare this to be incompatible with their mode of life.


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