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On most farms thero is more or less cali for a gallow3 on which to raiso carcasses. For ordinarr uso, where it ia employed bnt odco or twiuo a year, it is doubtfnl if an ything ia cbeaperor bfiiter than the olii fashioned contrivance cently illnstrated in The Farm Journal. A 6 inch pole that is sound is placed in the crotches of two heavy poles well set, or in the branches of two nearby trees. To these tho gainbrels are fasteucd by ohains, and this improvised cylinder is made to ravolve and lift the pork by rolling it by rneans of a crowbar or strong stick which fits into holes bored into the pole at right angles. This is prevented from nmvindiug by a pin thrust into a hole bored in the post. Of course and ropes are better, but these are not always owned. A cranestationed justoutside the big barn doors and leaning against tbe mow when not in use is also the subject of illnstration. This is a wonderfully handy eoutrivance. It ia not only couvenient when killing beef and pork, but saves much hard labor in loading and unloadiug bale hay, eider or any other heavy thing. The crane illustrated was made of a natural stick just as it grew. It is mado to swing in a tenon at either end, the stick itself being mortised. Stonny days 'in winter afford the leisure time for the constrnction of this and similar farm oonveniences.


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