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Pajama And Nightrobes

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Th-,-; yomig wonian of the period weara ajauiua. T hey are oí sillr or flue fianel. as her taste aud her purso may dieet. Sonuitirues they are of solid colors, mt muro often of Btriped material. They aro very differeut froia t!io volunjinous vbite coufeetion sho bas been iu the jnbit of weariug, and even in the mere color they are distinctly lesa charruing than the snowy linea which the ladies of the old school claimed to be the first requisita of a gentlewoman's wardrobe. Bnt, tlion, that saying originated bef ore the days of the gentlemanly girl. The yomig woman whose daring ceasea beforo sho rraches pajamas, but who has longings for something else than frills and furbelows, coinpromises on a Bhapeless saeklike concern patterned after a man's nightshirt. She tries to delude berself into the belief thuttho straight collar band is "utater" than the old timo rufíle opening over a V. She trios to think that she prefera plaits down the front of her garments to jabots, and that tiny studs fastening her nightdress are movfl to her raind tban ribbon bows. Pcrhüpsshesucceods. Bnt sho will sureiy uever sncceed in bringing au impartial world around to her way of thinking.


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