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Havoc By Flames

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Kansas City, Marchl4. - Fire destroyod between ÍUOO.OOO and Í850.000 worth of property at Fourth and Broadwny lnst venlng. At about 5:30 flanies wcre bureting out of the Windows of tho big fourstory building ;it !0 West Fifth stroet, oooupiod by tbs English Sapply company, doalera In engtuo supplies and wrought iron materials, andspreud wlth almost incredible rapldlty. One hour after it ftarted only walla and a masa of burning debris remained to mark the place vrhere the big building had stood. Tho wind was blowing a gale when the firo broke out and the flaines wero carried to thn top al the üve story brick building north of the English building, occupiod by the Western Newspaper Union and the Great Western Type foundry. Fatent Firm Kurned Ont. The latter building took fire and began to burn flercely. ïhft dames vrent downword througli tho building and the flremen wore unable to check their progresa. Withín half an hour after attacked the walls of the Western Newspaper Union building bcgan falling and all hope of Miving it wnre abandonod. An hour later it was a smouldering mnss. In it was a great quantity of type and type material besides eix cylindor presses. The Wostern Newspaper company printed "patent lnsides" for 800 western weekly newepapers, nnd employed a big forco. The loss in this building will alone exoeed $175,000. The English building was owned by the Kersey Coates estáte and the destruotion of the building ;nd itscontents involvea a loss of about iüöCJ.OOO, $75,000 of whioh is on the English Supply company's stock. The latter company carries an insarance of (50,000.


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