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How Burnside Captured Newborn

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Mareta 14 is the anuiversary of tha lirst capture of Nowbes-n, N. C. (lSCa. ) Bornside'a 1 i 1 1 Ie array i f three brigadcwfonul the gle road icro.í.s fho uarrow península butweeu the Trent and theNimseblocked hy a line of iutrenohimnts filled ■with gans aud men, and extöiidiugfroru river to river. Along the Neuse a ohaiii of forts conunanded tliecbanncl to keep off the Uniou gunboats. Burnside's infautry marched up to vithin iiOO yards of tho parapet undor firo and shot dowu the enemy's cannoueors; also the riflomen who wero bold (riougb to exposé tiinir beads abovo tho works. four faours tho strugglo was kept up, but overy advance in forco to the batteries drew upon the asBailanta a rain of íiro thoy conld uot endure. Colonel William :,. Clark led bis ïweuty-first Ma3sachusotts into a Confedérate battery of 13 guM, bnt tvvo of the enemy's regiruonts drove him out by a gallant counter charge. Colonel Isaac P. Rodman then offered to ciiarge his Fourth Rhodo Island regiment through a gap in the intronchmouts where a railway pas6ed through. Tho oft'or waa accepted, and the Pifth Rhode Ialand, Eighth and Elevonth Counecticut dvanced simultaneoosiy agaiust other points in the line. Rodman 's men peuetrated tho gap and turued down the cuemy's line, rolling it up iu reverse and taking fivo cannon at one swoop. The other chargiug regimeuts aü the sanie time planted their flags on the parapeta. Burnside lost but 400 rneu and cawtured 0 forts. with 05 guiis.


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