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Running The Batteries Under Fire

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March 15, 1863, Roem a f t e r ïuidiiight, Commodore Farragut made a dash past tho fedérate batteries at Port Hucl3on, down the rivor from Pittsburg. The enemy mounted 19 guns bearing on the MissisHippi channcl. With the flagship Hartford and tbe Albatross, Farragut stole up uudor their guns and opened fire. The Coiifederates rnshod to their pieces, and to theberwildermeut of darkness was soon added that of dense battle funoko. Tho Hartford passed on with her consort. The Riohrnond, following, was disabled at a bend in the river near the last battery, and with her consort, the Geneseo, turned back. The Monongahela and Kineo had their gnus disabled by the enemy 's shots, delivered at 100 yards, and also backed out. Cndismayed by tho disasters to her comrados, tho Misyissippi Bteamed ahead, flring stoadily. At the beud in the channel vs'here the eiïoct of the shore gnus was gToatest she gronndcd and heeled to port. With the starboard guns flring as though uothiug had happened Captain Molanothon Smith ordered the port guns spilted and thrown overboard. Even that didu't brlug tho ship on a level keel, and the captain determined to deatroy hor and savo his men. While the wouiided wore bcing lowered into the boata tho starboard batteries continned to fire at every flash of the enemy 'scannon, tho only guido for the gunners. After smanhiug tho engines the ship was set on fire between decks. When the fire was well nndor way and the under officers aud crew safo in the boats, Captain Sinifch aud his lientenaut spiked the last gun and Iuft the gallaut old ship to her fato. Sho lost 64 mou in the uncounter, more than all tho otherships combined. She also did more execntion. Her ofiicers and crew remained cooi throughout, never forgetting, too, that they were bound to fight the enemy 's batteries as woll as to pass thoni. The Mississippi really had the hardest end to bear up. By the time she reached the soeue the Kmoke of battle hanging over the volley made it impossibleforher pilotsor gunners to seo bevond the rail of their shin.


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