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A Hot Corner At Pea Ridge

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March 7, 1S62, was the oponiug flay at Pea Ridge, called by the Con federates Elkboru Tavern, from a wayside inn ncar whioh ! flie sevorest fightirifj; took place. The i Confedérate, nnder Van Dorri, ruarle a bold flank attack on Curtiü' arniy, ex pecting to cut it dff from its support, ïlie grand charge was led by Generáis McCnllüch and Mclntosh, who feil ai the bead of tbeir troops. Two guns oí Guibor's battery, well supplied with caniater, ruoved out in the charge, anc losiug all the hor.=os were Btranded ai the tavern rmder the fire of 20 Union guns. The ouly supports wero "Rock" Cbampion'8 cavalry company of 22 riders, who were in saddle behind the tavern, out of range of the bullets. Seeing a Union regiment move out of the timber to obarge the guns, Champion shoutt'd to Qnibor, "They're flanking you!" "I ïiow it, bnt I caunot spare a gun to turn on them," Raid the captain. "ïhen I'll i-harge them!" Tuniiug to his band, he shouted: "Battaliön, forwardl Trot, march! Gallop, inarch! Charge!" And with a yel) they dasbed at thefull regiment moving np, bayonet in hand. Threeof the riders wero old dragoons of the plains, and otbers had been with Scarlett's Heavies in their marvelons charge atBalaklava. Witliin 30 seconde they were among the Union ranks sabering, shooting andyelliug like Mohicans. The resnlt was a stam pede of the infantry af ter one feeble volley. That was all Champion had hoped to do- break and confuse the charging line, Having secnred a battleflag for a trophy, he called off his men.


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