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Mosby's Night Riders At Work

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Tho n i g h t of March 7, 1863, was inaclo memorable in the camps of the army nronnd ington by one of Colonel Jack Mosby's boldest exploits. Having been chased np and down the country at a pace not to bis liking by CcJonel Sir Percy Wyndharn's First New Jersey cavalry, he decided to raid Union beadquarters at Fairfax Cotirt House and carry the active Englishman to Ricbmond. Stealing past the Union cavalry pickets by a circuitons ride under the guidance of a desertor, his band strnck the gxiards on tho road just ontside the village. These surrendered at the point of the pistol, and even then thought their oaptors were comrades playing a practical joke. The deserter, who knew the lines thoronghly, was sont after Colonel Wyndbam, but that olïlcer bappened to be in Washington. In roaruing about the Union lines Mosby's followers had picked np several prisoners, one of whom said that he was a guarrï at the headquarters of General Stoughton, commandor of the infantry outposts. Failing to get the particnlar colonel he wanted, Mosby decided to take a general instead. With half a dozen trnsty fellows he stole np to the window of the general's house, aroused the iumates and stated that he boro a dispatch for the commander. A staflf officer carne to the door and was seized without cerera ony. He led the way to the room where the general lay asleep. Tho noiso of entering made by the intruders aroused him, and turning to face thein he saw a brace of revolvers pointing at his head. "Yon are my prisoner, " eait) the guerrilla. "What:" "My name is Mosby. Stuart's cavalry is all around yon nd Stonewall Jackson between yon and the army. " Thoroughly deceived, Stoughton ofïered no ropistance, and the guerrillas gal - loped away with their prisoner from the midst of Beveral thousand armed men who stood at liis cali.


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