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1000 Miles Of Advertising

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The extent to whieh printers ink La relied upon in successful business enterprices the general public hasvory littlt; conception of. It roads the advertiaements it finds in the weekly and daiijr newapapera and its opiniĆ³n of a busiD6S8 houee is largely made up from the impression it reeeives from tbat souroe anti ;o largely is an advertisement a true reflection of the charaeter and business methods of the firm that places it before the people that the impressions it imparts and opinions molded thereby are very seldom erronious. The public is a very just and discerning judge and is seldoin deceivcd by matter found in newspaper columns. Like the character or business it represents,it gives it o. casual glance or passes it unnoticed as being of no importance, or if it strike the eye favorable and is found to contain the propor ring denoting that it in the agent of a progresaive, wide-awake, and up to date business house, sent out for the purpose of imforming the public of what He principal is doing, gooda it has to offer, the styles, prices, intentions and business methods all faithfully stated, the purchaeing public soon flnds itself interested in that kind of matter, it soon learns that there ia intellegence there which it wishes to posess, that is of personal advantage, of vital importance in its every day personal transactions. An example of this kind of advertising is sent out by one of our business houses in this city and denotos a management has a fine appr5Ciation of what it requires and whicSt has profitably occupiRd more newspaper space at given periods tban ftny pthei; business house great or small in the State. Some idea of the extent to which they have used printers iuk ia the past twelve month may be gained when we state that if all the advertising matter thoy have sent out during the past year woro placed in one column it would rnake a column over one thousand miles, long and this enormou8 space has all been ocoupiedwith matter in which the public is interested and was all circulated inside the limita of Washtenaw county. It U scarcely necessary to 8ay the firm roferred to is


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