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Sir Christopher Wren was a prodigy in youtb, as in matnrity. Onghtred, the fiist mathematician of his day, declares in the proface to bis great book that an "'ingenions boy, gentleman commoner at Wadh;:rj," had enlarged thesciencos of astroDomy, gnoraonios, statica and mechanics by roost brilliant discoveries, "praeclaris inventis. " This waa Wren at the age of 15. A year bef ore that be had taken out a patent for an inatrnment to write with two pens at the same titne. In the same year he was ap poiuted demonstrating assristant on anatomy at Snrgeons' hall. Wren lived to justify his early prornise, but Dngal Stewort tells us of a boy who, as he hoped, "would rival the f amo of Sir Isaao Newton." This-wae the son of Connt Pusgstall. "I caunot help eoTü-idering him, " wrote tb Scotch professor, ' 'as the most extraordinary prodigy of intellectnal endowment that has ever fallen nnder my knowledga " This is a great eayiug indeed from Dngal Stewart, who was not given to enthusiasm nor carelesa expression. UnfortumUoly we have no detailed inforuiatiou abont the ycmth's acqnirements in later years. He died at 19 of general docay apparently. Bat Mr. Leïnaistre met him in his travels and published au account in 1806, the boy being thcn 5 years old. "He sits on a carpet, surronnded byhis books, and when the giavest aud most acute remarks f all from the lips of this lifctle porson a spirit seems to speak rather than ohild, and the fine expressioii whioh sparkles on his conntenance tends to strengthen the idea." Among other tests, Mr. Lemaistre asked him to inake a map of the Venetiaii empire, whicii he did with accuracy. TiiosH competent; to jndge ttie fact will rptsdily bnüpvc that the cbüd of 5 yeara wlio perfornjod iiwas an animatedmiraclo. The French armies barred iiearly every road in Europe to an English traveler at tbat datft. JSr. Leinaistie isked how he co-a'd get ome v;itbont toucbhi.; HarJkvcriaii, French or Dntch territuty. The ohüd "instantly traoed on the globe tbo hicgle road romaining open. " It is well fnr this gentleman's credit that Dusr.l Stowart's ovidonöè, long afterward, mftkoi tha Hory


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