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JUST ARRIVED Á Shipment of Gents' Fine Tan Shoes for Spring, 11 1 JIIUD Wahineton Block, P. S. - See our Show Window. Notice of Limited Partnership. This ia to certify tbat the uudershrnod kam fnnntMj a imited partoershiR, pursuant t Uie provisión of Howoll's AnnotatedStatutés of tiio state of Mlehijran. Tliat the nam, flrni under whlrh nuoh partnership in to ke conducted Is "Bradford & Oompuny, Mmited i tiat tne general nature of tb business to b trar.sgottd is buying and sellingftrorprtes urn general merchandise and auoh articles as r iisuall.v dealt in by dealers in such goodsani wares. That Kmil H. Bndford. wbo resida ia the city of Ana Albor, county of Washtenaw and state of Michig-an, is a eneral partnerí and Herbert W. Bmdford, wuo i8ideg in tk township of Cantón, county of Wayne, aai state of Michigan, is a special partner; and tnat the said Herbert w. Bradford has cotributed eisht hundred dollars as capital t the commnn stock; and that the said partnership is to comraence on the eighieenth day of February, A, D. 1805, and is to termínate the eighteenth day of February, A. D. 1900. lMfi e18hteenth day of February, A., EMTT, H. BEADFORD. HERBKRT W. BRADFOKD. Ptate of Michigan, County of Washtenaw. f 8SHef ore me the subscriber, Thos. D. Kearnef, a. notary publio in and for eaid eountj thl twenty-third day of February, A. D. I8SL personally appeared Emil H. Bradford a. Uorbert W. Bradford, known to me to beth persons described in and who execnted the ibove instrument, and acknowledsed the eiMiution thereof to be their free act and del THOS. D. KKARNEY, Notarr Public . TRUCK AND ETORAGE. C E. GODFREY. Residence and Office, 48 Fourth%'Ave., Nortli Teleptaotie 8c. ■ BLACK RASPBERRY. 14 dsjs oarliw than tl Gregg, earif twioo as largo, absolatelj hardy, tífcmw pmrer. Í MOSBT HiKES. $430-01 ÏÏHACRE. Also 5,000,000 FraHwá Ornamental trees and plaats. 600 Acres. Introducen Vintor Banna Appl ad New Prolifi Pwch. Writo fcr IBastraW GREENING BROS.Monroe.BIch. It is human nature to want tometMmg ' nothtngSIX VERWARE BIÏEI Af AY FBEE - AT - WF. liodholz Grocery Store, Nou. 4 and 6 Broadway. This is the way it is done: Witb every Cash Sale, whether it be ten cents or fifty dollars we give you a coupon showwig ïbe amount purchased, and when you hav bought groceries or any goods in our line to the amount of Forty Dollars, Forty-five Dollars or Fifty Dollars YOU CAN HAVE YOUR CHÓICE of theTWENTY BEAÜTIFUL PIECES OF SILVERWARK, snel. as Sugar Bowls, Spoon Holder, Cream, Fruil. Caster, Eerry, Pickle, Butter Dishes, etc. CALL AND EXAMINE. ernember Everything in the GBOCERJW LINE Sold Cheapfor Cash. W. F. L0DH0L2 4 and 6 Broadway1


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