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Jackets, Capes And Suits

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SEPARATE SKiRTS. The Cloak and Suit Department never invited you to a greater or grander display. Never were advanced ideas more caí ciuljy thoiiö. out, with more fortúnate and brilliant results. Never was a stock more carefully gathered. Never were styies inore therfnothing provincial about these. Ladies always expect much of us in this department- the y rely upon us for the correct styies and all th& styies that are correct. We feel confident in inviting you to an inspection of this department now that you will find more or tions than ever. ë 4 tíffilt! fllï; w jxj o c-ír 3 "y su o "--' 'Ota4' g'g S 5 ■ . g S 2 -3 2 .2 I-OA.1 i 'iSJ Itíilill lío Ur-9 fe ■- 1 08 u .S Q., - .5 es _ c -J .5 S 2 sTB .2 S O "5 S.'E 3 ÉL si Jlf = o g o " 5 J " 2 a J c O c O - í I fói! &■ -s CC s Lxg - i smÉÊsL wbhS Paris Velour Capes, trimméd with Vandykes'of jet, fcrming yoke collar made of lace and ribbons, lined with black rbadarne. Velvet Capes, short and full sweep; stylishly made and trimmed throughout with silk . $7.50 to $1O.OO. Scotch Tourist Capes, are doublé capes with hoods of Shepherds plaids, doublé texture, mixed eflects and Scotch Cheviots, with and without hoods at prices f rom . . c $6.50 to $10.00. Perforated Capes are among the latest ideas of the fashion makers and are in black, navy, tan ad Napoleon, lined with bluet, cerese, gold and black silk, the Perforations beingin the'latest Novel designs. Black Silk Capes are ver y handsome and dressy in al) lengths and sweeps in Faille, Gíos Grair and hcavy Bengaline Corda, Brochades, Silk and Satin, trimmed with Spanish Bourdon and Escorie' Laces, Jets and Kibbons, with India and Taffeta Silk and Satin lining. Capes for middle aged and elderly ladies are in length from 28 to 36 inches. ïliesc Capes are made in a large variety of styles and fabrica and are in a range of pnces to meet the demand of G reut Leaders in Capes- Stylish Capes- splendid cl oth; swell and liandsome desigas. Sin-!e or doHble lace trimmed and embroidered in tan, Havana, navy, black, from . . $2 to $V ■ 't y LADIES JACKETS. With the advance of the season the popularity of Jackets increases and deservedly eo as this cut and make is certainly very stylish and striking thougli plain. They are in a great variety of shades and material and all strictly tailor made. Our leader of this 6eason in .Jackets is . made of Clay Worsted, Wide Wale and u plain Cheviot in navy blue and black imÜ ported cloths, very large sleeves, hand■ some buttons; up to % 10 in valué, will be sold at $6.00. Young Ladies' Jackets in tan, navy, red, fancy Scotch mixtures and plaids, represent the highest ideas of London and are certainly very desirable. prices $5 to $10. Ladies' Jackets in plain Worsted Scotck mixtures and Gheviote, lined and nnlined Jackets made by the swells of London, Paris and Berlin, whose taste is faultlese, are here in every style of cloth and make brought out this spring and at all pricee. t flstelle" SHIRT WAISTS, It cannot be said that the season for Shirt Waists has yet opened, yet our trade in them has been phenomenal - the reason being that ladies have been so well pleased with them - they have anticipated their wants and made thëir selections for fntnre use. We are showing 50 styles of the eelebrated Estelle make - the soft front witk box ploat, medium sized tarn-down colhir, deep cufï, leg o' mutton sleeve, at ' . $1.00. Fine Percale Waists, with laundried front, deep pointed turn-down collar, link and turn-over cuffs, at . $1.50. The Trilby Waist, similar to the Estelle style, with two detachable collars, at $1.50. Silk Waists, blouse styles, in China Surah and wash silk. $3.75 to $5.50. ■1Mëdararid, READY-MADE SUITS. Onr purchase of lieady-made Suits this Spring was based on the rapidly increasing trade in this liae of goods and onr assortment will be fonnd mncli greater than at any previous season. We are showing light weight broadcloth Suits, mprising Blazer and Skirt of 5 yards sweep, well made and trimmed, at $6.75 and $5.65. Fine all-wool Storm Serge Suits, short fnll skirt, large sleeve Blazer, 5 yards wide skirt, at $8.25. Novelty mixed cloth' Snits with godet skirts, tylieh blazer, at .' . ' . . $9.OO. Navy blue and black Cheviot Suits, tailor made godet skirt in prices . $1O to $18 French Orepon Snits, godet skirt, lined with kir cloth and Taffeta, with capes to match, from m Ladies' Calicó Percale and Dimity Wrappersi HR Calicó Wrappers in pink, blue, laven. der and black and white stripes, full leg i o' mntton sleeves, ruffles, well made, at A 75c. j Calicó Wrappers, made of tierman w prints, light and dark shades, at $1.OO. Simpson's best print Wrappers, ' ished with enibroidery and braid, wide II skirts, at . . . $1.25 Best Percale Wrappers, fancy pointed I yokes, edged with embroidery, at $1.75 1 Fine Satine Wrappers, fancy made M waists, large sleeves, wide skirts, $2.00 i CHILDREN'S GARMENTS. The attention we have given to the; wants of the. 'little foJks this spring will make thein our friendu. our showing in this line being extremely elabórate. In the cheaper class of garments we are showing a Child's Jacket in tan, navy and red, good cloth, at $1.00. Another line of Jackets in colors as above, trirnmed with tinsel, at . $2.25 and SI .50 Ohildren's Broadcloth Jacket, in tan, navy ana cardinal, elaborately trimmed, at . $8.50. Children'8 Jackets of very fancy Scotch plaids. Cheviots in red and white, blue and white, green and white, and brown and white coinbijied with plain cloth and decorated with handsonie unique S25.OO to $40.00. = - Skirts separate from Suits are shown in flannel, broadcloth, storm serge, cheviot and wool crepon in black, navy and tan, from . . . $3.50 to $12. k_ Jlfe buttons, same as Cut 181. Swell Reefers with puft' sleeves, Napoleon blue apliqued in red Kersey, finished with fancy military braid are among the novelties. Child's Reefers with deep sailor collar apliqued in eminence, puft' sleeve with deep enff is shown in 9 fe í C H í 1 DR P NI S ám % JVLlVCr 1 O. W1 J


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