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Mrs. M. Litchfield commenced the spring term of school in Distric No. 3, last Monday. Frank Krause and family, of I'or Huron, were called here to attend his father's funeral, Sunday. C. Lucas, of Ann Arbor, spen the Sabbath at home. Wirt Carpenter spent Sunday with Pettysville frie nds. H. Schieferstein and family en tertained friends last Sunday. Jesse Parsons and family entertertained his brother and tamily the first of the week. Mr. Bell, an old and respected citizen, died in Dexter village, at the age of ninety-four. Funeral from the Baptist church Monday, April ist. A family reunión was held at the home of Edwin Ferris on Sunday, where a large number of relatives and friends gathered and a bountiful dinner was served. The day wil! be one long remembered by those present. Wm. Tuomey died at his home in Srio township. March 30. Airs. Puliver is recovering from her recent severe sickness, and will soon be out again. F. Stabler, of Foster's, greeted old friends, Saturday. Mrs. John Gallagher spent Tuesday at her old home. Mrs. J. Shehan and Miss Alma Shehan, of Hamburg Junction, spent Saturday with friends. James Harris and friend, of Pinckney, were here Saturday. The remains of Mrs. Wm, Harris, ïormerly of this place, were brought from Detroit and buried in ney, Wednesday. A husband and son mourn her sad departure. P. Lavey and wife spent Sunday with her sister in Pinckney, who is sick. Wm. Connors and family are moving to Dexter village, and his son will remain on the farm. B. Hooker, of Pettysville, was the guest of Mr. Mowers and family on Saturday and Sunday. E. Reeves, of Delhi, is the guest of his cousins for a few days. .Mr. Sweeney, of Pettysville, is spending a few days with his relatives in this place. Miss Alice McCabe is the guest of her cousin in Podunk. Mrs. Guinon and daughter are visiting relatives in the Short Hills. Miss Anna Gregory called on Pinckney friends, Thursday. Paul Brogan, of Marión, spent part of the week with his uncle and family. Miss Clara Mowers entertained her most intímate friend last Saturday and Sunday. The friends of Miss Mary Bell, formerly of this village, are glad to learn that she has opened a dressmaking and millinery parlor in Ann Arbor. Mr. Birkett is soon to have the large brick chimney and engine room at the Dexter milis removed. The Columbian dramatic club, of Pinckney, presented the drama "Shamrock and Rose" at the Dexter opera house, Saturday evening, to a large audience. It was one of the finest entertainmenls of the season. Mr. Jacob Krause died at his home in Scio township, on Friday morning, March 29, after a few weeks' illness. The funeral was held at the Germán Lutheran church on Sunday at 2 o'clock p. m., and the remains buried in the Dexter cemetery. Mr. Emerick was on our steets, Saturday. Thos. McQuillan was in Chelsea, Thursday. Mrs. Geo. Smith was with Hudson friends last week. Mrs. Simpson is home from her Jackson vist t. The Misses Clark visited in Ann Arbor, Friday. Miss R. Sackett was home from Ann Arborr over Sunday. Mrs. Chas. Austin is entertaining her nephew. H. Murray, of Bozeruan, Montana, is visiting relatives. O. Andrés, of Jackson, was home last Sabbath. Miss Hattie McCarthy, of Chelsea, spent last week with friends. Mrs. Geo. Vinkle is spending a few days with Francisco friends. Mrs. E. Andiews, of Arbor, visited her daughter, Saturday. H. T,. Stoup, of Ypsilanti, spent the last of the week with his daughter. Mrs. E. T Alley returned home frome her vist in Buffalo. N. V. Ben Bush, of South Lyon, has been visiting his sister and family. Mrs. Max Robbins entertained her father last week. Mrs. John Hill entertained her brother the past few days. Mr. Flemming is entertaining friends for a short time. Miss Reese died in this village, March 29, of consumption, and the funeral took place on Sunday, and che remains placed in the vault to await burial. The deceased was but nineteen years old, and was highly esteemed by all who knew her, and leaves a large circle of relatives and friends to mourn her sad departure. Born, to Mr and Mrs. Wm. Carpenter, a son, March 27. Mr. Copeland is the guest of her sister in Podunk. John S. Pacey was in Marión on business, Saturday. Mr. Stockdale and sister, of Hamburg, called on friends Saturday. Mrs. B. Allen and son, of Pinckney, spent Saturday and Sunday here. G. Clash, of Putnam, made a trip here the last of the week. R. Sleator is in Detroit on a visit. The remains of Mrs. Scofield, of Chicago, were brought here for burial, Saturday morning. Mr. Wheeler, of South Putnam, was in this place Saturday. Mrs. Wm. Gregory and friend pent Tuesday at Silver lake. E. R. Doane is home from Mt. Clemens. R.. B. Whittakér was in Jackson everal days last week. Mr. and Mrs. R. Queal are home fter a winter's stay in Florida. B. McCaulay has returned home rom Caro. Mrs. James McCloskey has reurned to her home in Jackson. James Armstrong and wife have )een enjoying a visit from their aughter the past ten days. Chas. Fillmore, of Petersburg visited his cousin, last week. H. W. Newkirkentertained friends from out of town last week. M. J. Cavanaugh, of Ann Arbor, made us a pleasant cali, Wednesday. John Wurster has purchased the Farks farm in Webster. James Gregory was a Pinckney visitor, Friday. James Guiñan, of Detroit, spent Monday with his many friends in this vicinity. Mrs. Geo. Higgins enjoyed a visit from her mother last week. S. O. Davis has been in Detroit for a few days. John Conley closed the winter term of school in Podunk last Wednesday. A. D. Dewitt was in Detroit on Saturday. The ladies' social circle met in the parlors of the M. E. church, Wednesday afternoon. B. B. Bennett gave his second phonograph entertainment at the M. K. church last Friday night. ■


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