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Little Starts A Fuss

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Men and wonien don t neet! to swing clnbs to break up homo oouoord. A sneer and a waspish tougue will bequite as oö'ectiva tíaruasm and nagging are to theatniospheroof love whatsand flies aud fleas are to snmmer Who would not prefer au occasion al brnsh with a roaring June bug to the torment oí' a flea you can't oatob? Unjndged. accepted, trustd to jie end A man must ho!d hisfriend. Tbero is inore than one virtue that has gooe out of date along with towu pninps and iallow candles. There is the old fashioned trick of loyalty to one's frionds. There are plenty of friendships vrhich, lilce coslniraies, are put on and off to snit circuDjstancos, but the custom of "stickiug up" for a friend, as our grandmotheïs called it, through all tronble and calumny, wbether deserved or not, went out with calashes and knee buckles. How tnauy onderstand the deep and delicate meuning of the words Ruth rpoke so long ago to Naoini, "Thy friends shall be iny friends?" We all of ns number so called friends upou the ephemeral records we keep whose lips areready to traduce, nucballeuged by us, the uanies of others for whom we vow an equal regard. It sbould be as impossible for us to listen to a word of reproach against any one whom we love as it would be to say the slanderoua thing ourselves. What does the sensitive plant do when rude touch approaches its blossoms? Just what we should do when the breath of scandal touches our friends. if loyally in out of dato, so is modesty. 1 do not ül!nlo to tho modesty that would uitertert) witb -a womau's plan to go half dressed into a theater box or to public recfption 1 pass that by and ta!;u up the question ouly of snch modesty as kut-ps a young yirl d.iffident and presefvea basiifulness in a boy like the bfoom on a plaui "He is green!" you say of sneh and snob, a tme So is April! Whowonlil not prefer suoh greenness to the witberiug blight of hay and a niidsurniuer diengbt? Nevcr condemn a yount? person benanse theru is enough sap leit in bis soul to fluiter a green leaf late in theseuson. 1 love to see that modesty which ïnakes a youth deferential to his elders. It's horribly out of date, I know, but I love bashfulness and modest, unassuming ways aro


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