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Matter That Needs Attention

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Washington, Aimi -t. - The subject of the practico of medicine in the Unitotl ; States by Canndlun medical studonts who hast failed to p;is the e.imnmations requlred to ndinit ihcin u pructice in the province of Ontario is brougiit to the attention of the state depttrSment by a report from Consul Twitcliell, at Kingston, Canada. The consul najs thac duriugthe year 1SÍH 100 Btudents were graduated from the untarlo medióal coüee. Of these til ree passé. i iüc examuritum requi.vd by the luedlont cóuncü ol the government bnfore aUutveJ Lo practico in Canada. The other forty-spvpii the consul thiuks probably went u Uw Uuiiinl .States, where graduation from a medical colloge permits theiu to practico In most of the States without further examin.'Uion. This practice, he says, has been goinsj on lor yoars, the less competent staden te coming nero and the more competent remaining thert". He suggests legislación by the several states to ptit an end to tho custom. The Ontario govérn,iu3nt has receutly profciljitid pbysioians living In the United States from attendiug pHtients in Canada on the ground of Êheir piesumably poorer qualiflcations.


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