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lu writiug a story there are author.s who do not plan the courso of events iu advanee becauso tliey do not knovy tberu, but they writo ou, ceitain tbat some iugeuious oomplicatiou will snggest itself - iu short, the story ie to write itself. I confesa I believe in and rather follow this system, for the reason tbat tue inoidents seem more like real life where the unexpected so often happens, and where eveuts turn np in a oapricioiiR -way. Howover this may be, I havn ahv;iys fourni that overything depeuds on i.;6ttingwell started- that is, started witb snch eagerneaa and enthnsiasm fiat yon con ld sit down then and there and write on and ou to tbe end. Othera delibérate and potter, an it were, liovev on the brink, hesita ting to make tho plungo. Tho nionieitt of depareare is put off and pur, off, aadwheu at lafcf, a start is made n, becomes a task aud a drnrtsery and isvirtuallyno start at all, bocarte it is so labored andnniuspirod thac yon teel you have not


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