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Four new niembers were initiated by Otseningo lodge, I. O. O. F., Tuesday evening. Eighteen boys and twenty-four girls will be confirmed in Bethlehem church next Sunday. Charles W. Greenman has been made cashier of the Michigan Cenr tral freight office here. There has been another break in the water mains, this time on West Liberty street near Seventh. A service for deaf mutes will be held in the chapel of St. Andrew's church next Tuesday evening. There will be full Choral service without a sermón, in St. Andrew's church next Sunday evening. Fred T. McOmber has purchased the insurance agency of Noah G. Butts and added it to his own. The annual meeting of the Ladies' Library association will be held at the library building, Monday afternoon at 2:30. A railroad social will be given by the young people of the Presbyterian church at MxMillan hall, Saturday evening. Mrs. Betsey Blewett, of Ann Arbor town, died of oíd age Wednesday. ín four months more she would have celebrated her eightielhi birthday. E. B. Hall has received frotn his sister in Egypt, a sample of Egyptian wheat taken from thé tomb of a mummy said to be four thousand years old. The subject of the Rev. Henry Tatlock's sermón, in St. Andrew's church, next Sunday morning, will be, "Can we in all Cases Love Our Neighbor as Ourselves?" Hiram Starks, of Webster, died Tuesday afternoon aged seventy-one veáis. The funeral services were held in the Webster Congregational church yesterday afternoon. The reward for the discovery of the Dexter bank burglars has been 'livided as follows: Detective Baker, of Detroit, $300; Deputy Sheriff M. C. Peterson, $245; Deputy Sheriff Chas. Stebbins, $160. The following ofñcers of the Baptist church have just been chosen. Deacons: Profs. V. M. Spaulding, 3 years; Jabez Montgomery, 2 years; and W. H. Freeman 1 year. Trustee for 3 years, Prof. A. B. Stevens, treasurer, H. N. Chute. NVxt Sunday, a;. 'i ilier nfterj .il the seats in St. Andr-w s rhurch will bc frer. Rhea ir. "The New Magdalen," at the Grand upera house next Monday evening. The Eastern Stars will have a poverty social :n Masonic hal) early in May. Two draymeu got into a scuffle yesterday and werefined $2.So each by Justice Fond. The work ot building W. G. Dicterle's new store on J-iberty street has commenced. John Wotzke has received intelligence that his mother died in Germany recently, aged eighty-six years. Morris, the youngest child of Prof. John Dewey, has died of diphtheria, while with his father in Europe. Rev. Dr. Cobern lectures on "If 'ou Had Your Life to Live Over," in the M. E. church next Sunday evening. Tomorrow evening Mr. J. E. Beal delivers the third lecture in the Ep worth League course, in the M. E. church, on "Fording a Fjord." Andrew J. Mead, son of Andrew A. Mead, of Ann Arbor town, died Monday of blood poisoning, resulting from an amputated leg, aged twenty-one. Chas. J. Fox will beexamined before Justice Pond tomorrow on the charge of malicious destruction of property, in cutting down a fence on Fuller street. Superintendent Keech, of the telephone exchange, has again put the press of the city under many obligations for his kindness in gathing election returns. The Rt. Rev. Bishop Davies will administer the rite of confirmation in St. Andrew's church, next Monday evening. The service will begin at 7 :3o o'clock. The following officers of the Baptist Sunday school have been elected: Superintendent, Mrs. A. B. Stevens; secretary and treasurer, Wra. Goodyear; assistant treasurer, Vernor Sriauble; librarían, Prof. A. B. Stevens; chorister, Wra. H. Dorrance, jr. Ann Arbor Commandery No. 13, K. T., elected the following officers Tuesday evening. A. C. Nichols, E. C; W. W. Watts, Gen.; Jas R. Bach, Capt. Gen.; Rev. M. M. Goodwin, prelate; A. W. Gasser, S. W.; W. A. Moore, J. W.; J. Fred Hoelzle, Standard bearer; Chas. L. Stevens, sword bearer; VV. S. Carpenter, warder; Thomas Taylor, sentinel.


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