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HEART DISEASEJO YEARS ï Short Breath, Palpitation. Mr. G. W. McKinsey, postmasterof Kokomo, Ind., and a brave ex-soldier, says: "I had been scverely troubled with heart disease ever since leaving the army at the close of the late war. I was troubled with palpitation and shortness of breath. I could not sleep on my left side and had pain around my heart. I became so ill that 1 was much alarmed, and fortnnately my attention was called to Dr. Miles' Heart Cure I decided to try it. The flrst bottle made a decided improvement in my condition, and üve bottles have completely cured me." G. W. McKINSEY. P. M., Kokomo, Ind. Dr. Miles' Heart Cure is sold on a positivo ruarantee that the tirst bottle will Deoefit. All druiigists sell it at tl, 6 bottles ior $5, or it wlll besent, prepaid, on recipt of price by the Dr. Miles Medical Co., Elkhart, Ind. Sold by Druggrl8ts Everywhere. AHEAD OF ALL MAGAZINES this country kas xeen -Albany Argus. IN THE NoBTH AMERICAN IéVIEW are always found The Right Topics, By the Right Men, At the Right Time. The North American Review is recogni.ed on both sides of the Atlantic as the foremost Review in the English language, and no expeuditure is sparee! in maintaiuingit in its ünrivalletl position. The Review is the mouthpiece of the men and women who know most about the great topics on wliich Americans require and desire tobeinformed from month to inoiith. lts list of contributors forrus a roll of tlie representative men and women of the age. Subjects that concern the interest of AMERICAN WOMEN receive constant and special attention. Among topics recently discussed are: "Womi'ii Suffrage In Practice"; "The Renalsance of Woman"; "Woman in Politics": "The New A9pe;t of the Woman Qucstion," and "The Modern Girl," by theauthorot "The Heavenly Twins": "Theí'iituivof Marriage"; "Evil9 of Early Marriages"; "Tbe Servant Girl of the Futuro"; "The Financia 1 Deuendence of Women": "Trades-Utiions for Women": "The Lack of Good Servante": 'Ameriean Lite and Physical Deterioration": "Good and Bad Mothers"; "TheTyranny of the Kitc:hen": "The A máteur Nurse" ; Mark Twain's Defenseof Rarriei Shelly etc , etc. A NEW FEATURE FOR 1895. The Heview wili publish in 12 chapters, bë(rinning with the January ntimbei-, i he Personal Hlstory of the Second Empire, abistorical workof ausurdasaed importaiice, which will throw a llocxl of new Itebi upou the chequercd career of Napoleon III , ana tha influencies which ltri to the callapseof IK Empire In the irieantlc Btruggle itli unlted Germany, under Wilhelm I. and his Iron Chxncellor. [t Is as f asoioating as u romance, being rlcbly aiiücdotal and ful of Information drawn from sources bithertö InaoceSsible, presented In thi! eraphtc and rivaoious style whlob "The Englishman in Paris." liy rhe samo uut hor, bas niadi' familiar to thousands of readers. 50 Cents a Copy: $5.00 a Tear. The North A.m!iïean Review, 3 East I4th t., PCéw Vork. Eli. NOKK S AïTOHN'KV AT LjAW. Vat. a general lwvolleotiouand convoyarteir.jf oueuiohs. A moderóte sha re oí1 touroatrnajrii renpeerfullv polioirod. UjHoe, IB K Hurón Stn-c!, upfínlrs. Last yemr we (nmmenced nn elabórate of idverüsinc hnt bfore ve werfl haif Ihrüugh, O! K AUTEtl'l ISFMKMS BWSFPKiRtU. Whyí Beeause WK WKRK OVKRWHF.LHE WÍTH BI S1NKSS. 'fliert was but ono thnig to do: wilMraw tlie advertismg jnd devote every energy to fllimg th ordrt with which we were flooded. This we did. and haodled with reiBOiuble proraptuo'.s a most unpraceünntt-d ynu'l biulnaw, WITH ENLáKtíKI KACTORIKS, l.M'KK tSKI) Fi II.ITÍKS, AID TWKSTY BKANCH IIOISES FROM WHHII TO MRTRIMITK 01 K 001)8, WE CAN SOW CiRE FOR .1,1. WHl rulX. Ust year we could not reduc prices beca use w were ronipelkd in sonie way to limit thedemand for Aermotor good. We would h:v tieen satisfied with lower pnM, hnt why (.TP4t a dí-nund which we coulU not suppty? We nave roade tito hriest of stel 3nd niiitenal boiiRht in America ttiis y ji . tnd At unpro4rntd pnces, and have made teraii tu díale rs which erthle lliem to muke unprecedented pi In quality, character, variety, finish, and aeeeufbilit) to f uil stock ot goods and repairs, we are without coinpehlors. In nur pluu of advertisinc last yesr, we propesed to furnísh f era cutter iiiidercrrl-mi QondfUOM for $I!i. Korreaons slite-1 buve we did not complet the a.lvertismr, and the feotl cuttr was not put out. We now propo.- to make memis m ttefolJowlnc mannrr: We will apnoiince in thi pat#r onr JIC1T AIJ.-STKEL V1RT SlfEKIOR FKCD ri-TTBR, W0RTH $40at$10 sh with order, f o. b. Cineago . Oniy one to on person, lie to furniüh addromi of tro neiglioor !io oughl to have soitir-tdme m our lina. Cut, deuriptiou and fnll ioformanon re(arding it will appear tooA. WresptciaUjt to catttion tou againtt pnyinq mrmiiepricMor '■ ÈMWM ■" owñt..' The t„„f,t„n.„, o Üteyart oj 'h MWXA 4uUr to ovrrhargr $10 ndd'tt to 5T5BPWm1 the legitimad v,,t, i9 tío citar mmTmCSSlImam profit u th, itr. 7V b' gunt rtOCCiO ■'-' " ; "'" :'' '' proprr priee anti JBMPF - ele, útritt us ) yr.r !'■■ and y. TJVr w-rt bt protftéd. W arr. and always have hen mW l""'"1v'"" " low pnces. IWjiisr oí tlio pr.xhKioinwaH output oí our tactorie.s nn arr fir-ibled to speuial lft í,,r each piece, aml tlniv re-luce the bwd labor 111 nn it io merely pirkinc up the material and Uying 'til down aRaio. So smal I hai In-iiiirihi-iDM ,if Ulxr pul II ■ on the mtli whíeti W hell that it i% not worthi 1 mntioinng. We nave bec-.pne ti Ijrge-t dt-nlers inl I tnatenaJ La tit. country; Ute m.iieriAl, of curse, ■. M ínví n.t mj. m ihe form of t.tei-1 í.'.ilv,ini7i'il-.,rter """- ft M pl-tion nidiiiilh ttnvcn (titlnii; and fixed), tunk,B Iñk (nnnn-;, "'' To mu esli-i.l hu this hoeoinelriie.B ( ■ and to suoli an extent tías iriceof ourgu}ds (andli M .n ili-t accouitt thr vulunte of our busínam ttAVm dcrrí fompetition ímpov B-Itlel that KIKR I.AKK WIMDIIM. CONCKRJIS ARS itniMi TIIKIH TOMKRS OF US THIS YKAK THKY W) IT KfA -R W 3MKK TUF OM.Ï ARSOLUTRLY RKI.UKLK A! AFK TOWRRf HHOsnilM VAS BI'Y OF UB ('HI.PKH (H THF.Ï CAN HIII.U; HK 4ISK WK ALOSK AKK PKI-.rARKD TO flALVANlZE KTKRVTIIINfi AFTKR IT IS (OBI FU ÍKIl, ) (O3IPI.KTK KVKKYTIIINH RXAfTI.Y RI6HT. i i ■ cmeerm are wisa, for. even Hmtit-ii the; naai not CurnWh the beai nf wl.r-cls, the heel will have the beat of sapSumí to ui yoar naait uid addren, and thow of foor iH'.uliliori who may needftonittthiii in uur line. nd thereby do (in-in ,i Kood turn. Tiic Aermotor Co. is one of the most bucoms f il huainen enterpritef wturh has bren launched in t ■ r,,; imieïi In nucceeding advertisenients will he discussed and made -ii,.r the lines on whioh thai saeêoH ba bn worJrad oot. It ■ it nc by i f,irmer's boy. A careful f ollowing of thne adert-.i'iiiiits nnv mikk"1-1 o some other farmers boy a eareer Aermotor Co., ï'-'ih, Roekwcii mirfSt. , ubfar


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