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Her Strange Prison

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T :,e construotion of city flats is such tbal it soems as if fiat tliieves onght to be able to obtain ahuost unlimited plunder with inipunity. But tbey are forever getting oanght, and most of them aro the lowest grades of snaak tliieves. Anythiug like originality in their methode is raro, so tbeexperienceof the head of a modest west side flat is remarkable. Hn arrivod home f rom business abont f! 'doek uid at once observed indioatfone that soruethingunusual had beeu go ing on. It was evident that a tbief had beun aromid, aud that, ho had gone away without taKing rauch, if anything, with him uiiless it was the resident's wife, for Pho was nowhere to be fonud. The hnsbaud presurned that she had goue te notify the pólice, so he at dovrn and waited, but after an bour or two he becanio anxiousand inqnired of theneighbors. They had heard or seen nothiiig eithei of tbief or wife. Theo tliere was troublo. The husband hurried to the iiearest pol ice .station. His wife hadn't been there, and a general alarm was sent out for patrolmer) to watch for her, whilo two detectives returned to the honse and lielprd pnsh inqniries. Tlio kitcben and dining room looked as if the wife had been inten-upted in hor work, but there was uo othür sign of lier. Tbo detectives looked very wise, a.sked niauy qiiestions that seeiued impudcut to (lio distraoted husband, made some notes and went away. The husbaud was iu a bad state of mind, bnt not ao upset that ho didn't presently realize that he needed food. Rather th:ui go to a restaurant ho went to his rofrigerator to see what there might be to eat He opeued the door, and there, curled npin the icechamber, was his wife. She wasn't hurt. She hadn't even faintod. She was simply asleop, somewhat Btnpefied with the close air and cramped in every joint, bnt otherwise in good conditiün and glad to get out. She explained that sheoaught a thief at work, and that he clapped her into the refrigerator beí'ore she could scream. Once in she could do uothing. There was no inner baudle to the door. She cried aloud, and ffnding no response just waited to be disoovered, dreading all the while that her wedding spoons had been taken. Thcy wcro not, though. They had been placed, with other valuables, in the center of the dining room table for carryinc off, and the incident ended happily.


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