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"took The Wrong Medicine."

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It is an odd trait in human natnro tbat a man who has been ordered by bis physician to fake paregoric wiü never take it if there is any carbolio a?id or prnssio aoid in the honse that he can absorb in prefereuoe. Statisticians who have studied the thing declare that an invalid will seareh the whole house tor a poisonous dm;; and drink it ratber thau the rneiieino ordered by the doctor. The death 110tioes in the nowspapers in oases of that kind Ki e genera) ly beaded, "Took tho Wrong Medicine." A man arrived at his home tbe otbei evoning, and glancing on the bureau saw a bottle of liquid that he had been ordered by tbe doctor to take. "That. looks liko the,stnff, " said be, "but I'm not sure. As I was locking up the cellar I saw buhind an oíd shelf a bine bottle that looked as if it hadu't been touched for years. It said on it, 'Sulphnric Acid. ' Now tbat bottlo on tbe tablo looks exaotly like tbe ono I drank out of last night, but still I hare an idea that tho stuff down in the cellar is what the doctor means for mo. 1 dou't know bow thediokens it got down tbere wben it's raeant for ruo to take, or bow this bottlu that isu't meant for me to take got on this bureau. But I'm not going to take a:iy chances. I'll just go down into the ceiiar and make sure, and TH throwthis stuff out of the wiudow. ' ' Then he cautiously went down staiw and took tbe sulpburic aoid, and he ■was buried in duo form after an ambulance snrgeon had done his best and thi coroner's physiciau had made a complete investigation and autopsy. It isn't only children who make these blnnders. Doctors will teil you that they have only to label a bottle "Lotion, For Esternal Application Only, " to make gure of its being drunk. If a patiënt gets a bottle of corrosive sublímate to put on a felón on his great toe and doesn't use it all, he will carefully save it. Ten years afterward a doctor gives some cougb mixture to him, and then ho goes and hunts up the corrosive sublímate bottle, plays three card monte with it and the oough mixture, gets them thoroughly mixed up so that he can 't teil one from the other, and then wben ha feels that tightness acrosstbe chest thnt the doctor told him about be swallown a part of the corrosive snblimate and leaves his widow to collect the life insurance. By no accident is the cough mixture ever taken - it is always the


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