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Curious Wedding Customs

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Many curious customs are in voguo aiuoug the foreign population of nor tb - eni Michigan, especiaüy in social matters. When a French couple get marrieci, a carriage or a sleigh ride is inevitable, according to the seasou of the year. The couples aro not packed together in one wagon or sleigh, but each fellow and bis girl have an individual rig, the bride and groom taking the lead and the others followiug like a funeral procession, but there is nothiug funérea! about it, espeoially the pace set. After the procession has been ridiug for hours, a dance ends the festivities. The Polanders have a cirious wedding cnstom tbat is very ingeniofcs as a money getter, and takes the place of wedding presen ts. After the wedding feast follows a dance that sometimos lasts 12 to 14 hours, aud even ongur. Ths chief honor is to dance witli the bride, and this is decided in a curious manncr. The motfaei of tlio bride takes her place in oue corner with a píate in her lap, which she takes very good cato shall be built after tho plan of an eating house oofifee cup. The gallaut who wants to dance with the bride, and all are in honor bound to do fo at least once, must pull out a pieceof silver and endeavor to chip or break the plate by throwing theirmonoy upon it, and ouly thosewho succeed in chipping or break - ing the plate are allowed the coveted honor. Let those who think it easy to break au ironstone plate try it. Few succeed in doiug it for less than ij() cents, and it is not an unusual thing for the bride'a money to amount up to ?ö or $100, even where the crowd is apparently as poor as a church mouse, aud it maygo even higherwhen the brido is pretty and popular. All the money gncs to the bride, and in a backwoods country !ff0 to -iT.-) will start a happy coupie


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