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An Irishman And A Jew

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Thera is au up town business firni otieof tlienieiubersof w-bich is on Irishuian and the other a Jcw. The Irishraau was bora in Cork aud the Jew in CracoW. ïhey have beon in partnership for several years, during which they have built up a flonrishing business. The Irishmau is hoardloas; the Jev? has a flowing black beard. 'The Irishman íb of the type of Rory O'Mooro; the Jew is of the type of Mosea They are a mutual admiration pair, and each has a aolid respect for the other. The Irishmaii is a rare wit; the ,7ew is solenin as the Talmud. The Irishman has a fine Ocrkonian brogue; the nativo speech of the Jew is the Polish jargon, whiuh he niixes with his EngliBh. The Irishman looks af ter the firm's finauc"?; the Jow attends to tho boying aud "j(iiug. The Irishrnau is a strict Cathoüc auíl goes to church on Suuday; the Jew is rigorously orthodox and goes to synagogne on Saturday. The Irishman is "pudgy;" the Jew is lean. They agraed never to talk upou religión, about which fhoy disagree; bnt, as the olie is a bimetallic Demöorat and tie other a Democratie uiouometallist, they can always find a subject for iriend'y argument. The Irisbmaa is older than the Jew, hut the Jew is taller than the Irishman. Both the Irishman and the Jew have large families, and the children of both attend the same school. Most of theoffpring oí the Irishman are iris, and most of theso of the Jew are boys. Tho favorito tippleof the Irishman is ale, and that of the Jew is wine. The Irishman is quiok tumpered; the Jew is ílow to wrath. Theso two business partners, one of them froin Cork and the otheï frota Oracow, have carried on their establishment snccessfully for years iu this city, have divided the proöts eveuly every quarter, have uever iiad a quarrel that lasted more than a minute and have made euough money to raise them r.bove the cares of life.


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